Quiz: Are You A Narcissist?


Is it possible that others think you’re kind of a narcissist? | Source: Shutterstock

You’ve heard about Narcissus during the myth unit in your English class, right? Basically, he fell so in love with his reflection that he couldn’t leave it. Yikes! Anyway, that’s where we get the word narcissist to refer to people today who think super highly of themselves.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s one thing to be confident and love your amazing self (in fact, you should do both of those things!), but sometimes people take their self-admiration a little overboard like Narcissus. Are you kind of a narcissist? Find out in our latest quiz!


Had you learned about Narcissus before? Do you have any friends who are kind of a narcissist? Has anyone ever accused you of being one? Tell us in the comments!

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