We Know What Guys Lie About – And Whether Or Not They Feel Guilty After

A while ago I wrote about a study that says that men are more trusting than women – and it looks like there’s a good reason for that statistic. I’m not trying to make you guys paranoid or anything, but according to a new study, men lie three times as much as women do. The study says that dudes lie at least three times a day, while women lie only about once a day.

I wish I could tell you that these dudes are lying to people who don’t matter to them, like the barista making their coffee or their least favorite teacher. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case. While both men and women admit to lying to their boss the most, family members and partners came in second and third place. Uh… not cool, guys!

But I know what you really want to know: what do guys lie about?! The number one thing men lie about comes as no surprise to me: 45 percent of guys studied say their number one lie is “Yes, I’ve done it.” Or, in other words, it’s like when I ask my boyfriend to return the Redbox movie we watched together and he tells me he did when he didn’t because he forgot and doesn’t want to admit it. It’s like, listen, man… I get an email when the DVD is returned. You may think you’re being clever, but I caught you. I guess “Yes, I’ve done it” could apply to a lot of things other than forgetting to return a movie – in general, it’s probably about guys not wanting to admit they’ve done something wrong.

The second biggest lie? “Sorry, I had no signal.” Yeah… girls, don’t fall for that. Not only did 41 percent of guys admit to using that as a cop-out for the fact that he didn’t answer you, but it’s also just a lame excuse. This is 2013. The only place people don’t have a signal anymore is if they’re stranded in the middle of the ocean or some kind of underground tunnel.

Another way to get out of responding to your texts or phone calls? 35 percent of guys lie and say, “I didn’t see that you’d called/texted.” I mean, really?! For the past 12 hours, you didn’t once glance at your phone and notice that you had a missed call or text? The last two top lies are: 39 percent lie to say “I’m on my way” when they’re clearly not on their way and 30 percent are lying when they say “I don’t look at other women.”

But let’s not make this all about the lying men out there. Women lie too (although not as much as guys, obviously) and here are our top five lies: 27 percent of women are lying when they say “I’m fine,” and I just have to say, I did not need a study for this one. The word “fine” does not have a positive definition in my head. When I say “I’m fine” to my boyfriend, he immediately sighs because he knows he’s in trouble.

26 percent of us lie and say “I’m on my way” when we’re not (guilty), 24 percent lie about “it was on sale” (ugh, so guilty), 19 percent lie when saying “You look really nice” (not nice ladies!), and 16 percent of us are guilty of lying when saying “Sorry, I had no signal.”

Here’s the scariest part, though: while 62 percent of women say they feel super guilty after a lie escapes their lips, only 23 percent of men say they feel the same way. That means that the majority of men are walking around out there, lying and not even caring about it.

What can you do with this info? I would say just keep it in the back of your mind. Don’t jump all over your guy the next time he says, “I had no signal” and be like “I know you’re not YOU LIAR” because you’ll look crazy. Obviously not all dudes are the same and just because one of these phrases is uttered, that doesn’t automatically mean he’s lying. But if you’re already having trust issues with a guy and these phrases are popping up way too often… take it as a warning sign. 

Do you think that men lie more than women? Do you lie about the things this study says women lie about? Have you ever caught a guy in any of their top lies? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Danielle Gibson

    My boyfriend is away at his grandparents at the moment in Skegness which is about an hour and a half away from me (I think). He apparently has a job there now and I haven’t seen him for a few weeks now (about 3/4 weeks). He says he has to work most hours, even though he’s 18 and apparently their boss shouldn’t make them work for that long. Anyway getting to the point.. He only texts me when he has “signal” and every time I ask when I can see him, he doesn’t know as his boss won’t let him have much time off!. It’s just getting to a point now where I don’t know wether to call it quits, make him wait for when he eventually texts me or wait until he eventually gets back home?
    I’ve text him normally (not through Facebook) and left him voicemails as it went straight to answer phone but.. Nothing. I also feel quite needy and I’m forever crying as I miss him so much. I don’t want to seem like an overly attached girlfriend you see, I just want me to make it work 🙁
    Please help?