7 Tricks To Help You Be On Time, All The Time

I like things to start when they are supposed to start. If I was at that Justin Bieber concert that started two hours late? Yeah, I would have been complaining up a storm.

Not only is being on time a show of respect for others, but it is just a way to avoid unwanted stress in your life. Ugh, there is nothing that makes me more angry than seeing the train leave the station without me or missing the previews at a movie (they are a necessity). Hey, just because I like to be punctual, that doesn’t mean I don’t slip up on time management now and again.

Yes, sometimes things happen and being late is beyond our control, but there are often little things we can do to make sure we’re on time to meet up with people, attend an event or be at school when the first bell rings. Here are seven handy tricks:

Are you usually on time or running late? Do you get annoyed when you (or other people) aren’t on time? How do you make sure you get to events on time? Tell us in the comments!

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