Your Manicure Could Be Giving You Cancer!

Ladies, I love gel manis as much as you do. But some scary new evidence has come out about them: people who get gel manicures are at a much increased risk of getting skin cancer.

Yikes! I know, I know. Gel manicures are beautiful and last forever, but this development makes sense. You’re repeatedly putting your hands under UV light to set the gel, and chances are you don’t have sunscreen on your hands. I know I don’t put SPF on my hands before hitting the salon.

UV lamps have the same dangers as tanning beds. There’s also “added worry that the machines aren’t regulated, meaning consumers don’t know how much exposure they are getting to the rays.” It’s pretty scary that these machines aren’t regulated, right?

Gel manicures are also dangerous if you have them for too long. Dr. Chris Adigun of the American Academy of Dermatology says “Any manicure left in place for an extended period of time is not a good idea because you are not seeing what is going on underneath the nail polish.” You have to let your nails breathe, girl!

And constantly getting gel manis, just like acrylics, can cause your nails to become weak and thin. Nobody wants that! So do yourself, your nails and your skin a favor and stick to regular polish.

Do you get gel manicures? How often? Do you worry about the exposure your hands get to UV rays? Tell me in the comments!

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