Find A Bra Size That Fits!

Few things are more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting bra, but it turns out that 80 percent of us don’t know how to find bra sizes accurately! As a result of not measuring bra sizes correctly, we risk spillover, discomfort, drooping and a whole slew of other issues.

The most common issue when we try to find a bra size is that we overestimate our band size and underestimate our cup size. Full disclosure: I thought I was a 36C for years until my BFF got a job at Victoria’s Secret and decided to measure my bra size. I was a 32D and had no idea, but every bra I’ve bought since then has magically been more comfy.

Even if you’ve had someone professionally measure bra sizes for you in the past, it’s good to get measured again every couple of years, because as you grow and gain or lose weight, your cup and band sizes may change. If you’re left to find a bra size on your own, you’ll probably stick with the one you’ve had forever instead of adjusting accordingly.

Are you wearing the right bra size? Here’s how to tell if your bra size is the wrong one:

Do you have too much lift?
If your chesticles are by your chin and spilling over your shirts, chances are your bra is too small. A lot of girls deliberately buy bras a size too small in hopes of looking bigger. Here’s the thing: Your boobs don’t look bigger. They just look like they’re in pain. If your boobs create a “ledge,” your bra size is too small.

Do your boobs look droopy?
If your boobs aren’t at attention and are somewhere near your belly button, your bra may be too big. Before you try to find a bra size up though, you may want to adjust your straps first or use a different back hook. If that doesn’t work, go up a band size.

Does the front of your bra not sit flat on your sternum?
Try going down a band size.

It's not hard to find a bra size that works--you just need to know how to measure your bra size correctly (or have someone else do it for you)! | Source: ShutterStock

It’s not hard to find a bra size that works–you just need to know how to measure your bra size correctly (or have someone else do it for you)! | Source: ShutterStock

Are your cups saggy or wrinkled?
Then chances are they’re too small. Try going down a cup size.

Does the back of your bra ride up?
Then it’s too big! Try going down a band size.

Do your boobs sort of seep out into your armpit area?
Girl, go up a cup size!

An easy solution would be to get professionally fitted (most lingerie shops will have no problem helping and will show you how to measure bra size yourself for later). But if you want to do it yourself or shop somewhere without helpful, measuring tape-wielding gals, here’s how to tell if a bra is the right fit:

*Your back strap should lie flat against your back and not ride up at all.

*Your underwires should lie flat against your rib cage. If they poke, stick out or are otherwise uncomfortable, get a different bra! It won’t feel any less horrid later.

*Even if you’re wearing a balconette or demi bra, you shouldn’t have a “boob ledge” over the top of the cups.

*There should be a smooth line where the fabric of the cup meets your boobs, otherwise everyone will be able to see your bra outline through your clothes. You don’t want that to happen!

Have you ever had a professional measure your bra size? Do you think you’re wearing the wrong bra size? Do you have any tips for how to find a bra size? Tell us in the comments!

This girl is totally cool with her small breasts!

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  • jenni lynn

    Ok .. I have search and search ..I got a whole lot of bras none say the size of them..How do i find out there size?

  • Chloe

    I’m almost 14 and I’m a 34b should I be worried I need advice please help I get made fun of 🙁 x

    • Carol

      No don’t worry. I’m about to be 14 next month and I’m a 32B and I think, about to be 34 (Plus I’m short) Don’t let anyone make fun of you. Some girls at my school are 36C’s. I think it’s normal.

  • Nicole

    I was wearing the wrong size till I was 18 because I am 30I and thats an impossible size for to get measured because people don’t wanna believe it. I got the right size when I finally saw a specialized store for big boobs and got the perfect bra. I now love it.

  • yayboobies

    I’m kinda hesitant to talk about measuring tapes at all, because different bras can be really stretchy or really tight, and it’s much better to just try them on first. But when I was trying to figure out my bra size, I measured around my ribs right under my boobs (repeat: UNDER. THE. BOOBS. Victoria’s Secret’s measuring system is an idiot). It was 27, so I used as close to that as possible (28) for my band size.

    After sorting out the cup issues and making sure the underwire didn’t poke my boobs, I went from 36D to 28GG. And here’s the thing. I look completely average, boobwise. Smallish waist, medium boobs. Dress size 6 or so.

    So, yeah, everyone get fittings. And get them in a place that goes above a DDD cup.

    P.S: If your boobs look droopy, don’t go up a band size. Go DOWN a band size. Going up will just make the back ride up more and your boobs fall down more.

    • Nicole

      I agree with you on the measuring system because they don’t think outside their bubble of sizes. when they measure, it has to be within their system so they make the sale.

  • Morgan

    One summer I got measured at 34B, I was used to that size and they fit me pretty well. Before school started, I got measured again and I was a 32D, I skipped a cupsize withou knowing it. Gurls, GO GET MEASURED!! It will feel amazing once you find the perfect bra, well at least for a little while.

  • IamJane

    I always let victoria’s secret size me. One time though one measured me and said that i was a size F and was what! no that’s wayyyy too big because i went back and they said i was a tripple d. well i found out later that F and DDD are the same things except trippled is a different cup style. So tripple d is my true size and F is my “sister size”.

  • Yazmin Arriaga

    I thought I was a 34C, but I got a professional fitting and I found out I am a 34DD. I was wearing a completely wrong bra size. I am still in disbelief that I was that off!