Is Emma Stone Having A Breakdown?

Emma Stone has kind of been MIA lately, no? I mean I know she had a really busy 2012, but we haven’t seen too much of her recently. I’m a little worried. And rumors of her and Andrew Garfield breaking up have been flying around so that’s not good.

She probably just got really stressed and wanted to take a breather. That happens every now and then. You need to take some time for yourself and go do your thing for a while.

If Emma’s having a nervous breakdown, it’s cool. We’ve been there.

Sometimes you just freak out

It’s okay. Admit that you’re having a nervous breakdown

You just really hate everything

And everyone

Realize you need to pick yourself up

Just have a good cry

Eat some feelings

Dance it out

Do some goofy stuff

Take some of your own advice

Remember how awesome you are

And how awesome life is

And that everything is gonna be okay

How do you deal with a breakdown? Do you feel like sometimes you just need a minute to yourself? Tell me in the comments!

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