Dress Like: Jess From New Girl

My favorite new TV show in the last few years is New Girl, hands down. The show makes me laugh until I cry and Zooey Deschanel’s Jess is kind of my spirit animal. You know Jess for a lot of things, mainly the awkward/hilarious situations she gets herself into, but have you ever put any thought into her clothing?

Jess has a really specific style. If you’re looking to nail her wardrobe, go out and buy a poufy skirt, a pair of colorful flats, black tights and some glasses and, BAM, you’re Jess! Her style is super girly, a little retro and quirky and usually pretty casual. Want to mimic some of her exact outfits? Yeah, probably… they’re cute! Grab a curling iron and check out these 10 ways to dress like Jess from New Girl – click on the images for more info on the items.


dress like jess from new girl






















Which of these outfits is your favorite? Who do you want to dress like? What’s your favorite TV show right now? Tell me in the comments.

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