The 5-Second Rule Isn’t Real!

Don't eat that. Source: Shutterstock

Don’t eat that. Source: Shutterstock

HOLD THE PHONE! The 5-second rule isn’t real?! So that means the bagel I dropped on my floor this morning and picked up and ate anyway was actually a bacteria breeding ground? I’m going to be sick.

This is the worst news I’ve gotten all day. Ugh. Okay so let’s discuss this together. Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, hosts of “Stuff You Should Know,” stopped by The Jeff Probst Show (that guy from Survivor) to chat about some stuff you should know.

Apparently, one of those things is that the 5-second rule is completely bogus and even if you drop something on the floor for one second, it’s accumulating a ton of bacteria. And not harmless bacteria. We’re talking like gross, makes-your-skin-crawl bacteria.

It makes sense, if you really think about it. Reflect on all the surfaces you walk across during the day. Now imagine all of the stuff you walked on is stuck to the bottom of your shoes, which you wear when you walk into your living space. And then you drop some food on all of that stuff. And then you eat it. EW.

Do you use the 5-second rule? Are you still going to use it after seeing this? Tell me in the comments!

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