The Condom Broke… Now What? 7 Things To Do When The Condom Breaks

Imagine: you’re in the middle of a steamy hookup sesh with a hot guy/your boyfriend and everything’s going great… until the end, when he stops, looks down and says something like, “Uh… I think the condom broke.” First reaction? “OMG, what?! Are you serious?!” mini panic attack time.

There’s no question that the condom breaking can be one of the worst sex disasters ever. If you didn’t catch the breaking in the act, you can’t help but wonder when it happened – in the beginning? At the end? Were you ever protected at all? And then the worst thought comes creeping into your mind: what if you get pregnant?

Even if this has never happened to you, it’s best to be prepared for the situation. What will you do if your form of birth control fails you? We’ve got some answers. Here are seven ways to deal when the condom breaks – trust me, you’ll appreciate this info one day.

Has the condom ever broken for you? What would you do if it did? Do you use alternate forms of birth control? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Emily

    This literally just happened to me yesterday. It was the second time in that night and he had not “finished” yet. I asked my mom to get me plan b. Talking to people about it helps relieve the pressure and fear.