Your Complete Guide To Texting

Texting is supposed to be easy, but the truth is, it’s pretty complicated. There are different ways to text different people. You can’t text your crush the same way you text your mom.

What about over-texting? How many emojis are acceptable to use? Should you double text?

Text etiquette is super important, especially since it’s like the main form of communication these days. I’ve got some tips on how to text in various scenarios.

Click through for your complete guide to texting!

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  • Rowan

    Let me tell you my best texting tip: do it with whatever syntax you darn well please. Why on *earth* does it matter so much?
    Yeah, I get that it’s better to text and type in general, really, differently with different people. As nicely as you can with someone you don’t want to turn away or rather, shouldn’t turn away.
    But unlike you, it seems, my friends don’t really care whether or not we use the most perfect grammar with each other. Usually, we don’t. Is this an indicator to our intelligence suddenly? Must everyone look like an absolute genius?