Which ’90s Nicktoons Character Are You?

Helga Pataki

You act really tough, but it’s just a defense mechanism. You’re actually really sensitive, but you’ve built up a thick skinned attitude that you have to keep up. You’d rather be feared than loved.

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  • Pablo C. (I’m a girl)

    I’m either Reggie or Sandy idk imma ask my friends which one they think 😉

  • Becky

    I got Helga Pataki, but i am also like eliza thornberry and angelica pickles!

  • Tia

    I’m Sandy 🙂

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  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    I’m confused. Was there supposed to be an actual quiz to take, or were we just supposed to browse through them and come to our own conclusion?
    When I was in middle school, ‘As Told By Ginger’ was on, and it was my favorite. I related to Ginger so much, and I was so glad that show was on.
    And yes, for the most part, cartoons just aren’t the same. However, I dare you to watch ‘Adventure Time’ and not absolutely love it. It’s easily the best cartoon out there today.

  • Honey M.

    I am def like Patti Mayonnaise! Kind Hearted, Down-to-Earth, Sweet, and Adored by a Great Guy.