10 Signs You Have A Bad Boyfriend

When you’re in a relationship with someone you really, really like, it can be easy to ignore the signs that he’s a bad boyfriend, even if it’s obvious to everyone else. Sometimes his mean/rude habits can start to feel normal after a while and you can start to second guess your first instincts that something’s not right.

But girl, you don’t deserve to be in a sucky relationship with a bad boyfriend! You deserve an awesome boyfriend who treats you right. If you sometimes find yourself wondering whether or not you have a terrible BF, you need to read this list of signs right now. Take a deep breath and really consider if your boyfriend is like this. If he exhibits more than a few signs, it may be time to kick him to the curb. Check out these signs that you have a bad boyfriend:

Do you think you have a bad boyfriend? What signs did I miss? Have you ever dated a really bad guy? Tell me in the comments.


8 signs your boyfriend wants to break up with you

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  • Daphne

    I’m 27 and my boyfriend of three months is 30. My mother dislikes him because while he has a job he drives a bad car and lives in what they think is a bad neighborhood and my brother thinks he’s not cool because of the bad car, lack of a cut body, does not own a house, and not having the newest tech toys. I don’t know what to think. Is the fact that my family doesn’t like him enough to distance myself from him? Does that make him a bad boyfriend? I’m so confused because everything i read says listen to your family…

    • realizing

      You are only mentioning the materialistic things (and the location of an apartment) that your mother and brother do not like about this guy. If there were more reasons from the 10 signs listed in this post… perhaps but
      1) It has only been three months
      2) Is your mother in a relationship, what about your brother?
      3) Can either one of them say anything else wrong with the guy so far… considering this man has met your family in the short 3 months of dating?

      You really do not know a great deal about the guy. Is there something about him that completes you? Does he bring you happiness? Is he making plans with you and talking about the future?

      Over time, the minor things your mother and brother do not like may fall last on the list of why this new boyfriend of yours “just isn’t right for you”.

  • Yomy perez

    Hey I need help I got 1 year and 7 month with my boyfriend since we started this relationship I be loyal to me we had some problem in the beginning because he used to cut school with his ex he used to go the park and play with his and her friend they used to send video in a group chat all of them. Then 2 month later he stop talking to his and then I find out he used to text some girl . Then he stop talking to the girl and started treating me nice used to buy me food and pay my cabs when he didn’t have money I used to my cabs to get back home . He’s mom and his family loves me he’s mom Aleta’s call me she even meet my mom she went to my high school graduation she always calling me . He’s sister I think she likes me she helped me to find my prom dress . But I’m nice with his family I’m always buying gift to all of them all of them I always get his mom clothes and I’m always getting him clothes . He stop buying me stuff he has never take me out to a date. But now he just want to be with his family he talk to me bad he make me cry . He’s ex be going to his house because his sister got a best friend and her best friend got a sister which is his ex. She went to his house 2 time and his mom call me talking bad about his ex that I gotta go over there and not to be mad . The problem is that he doesn’t want to show me off no where he talk to me ugly he spend ours without talking to me he always got an excuse he doesn’t work I’m always giving him money and buying him thing when his grandfather die I was with him supporting him he doesn’t appreciate me at all what can I do tell me . He told me he loves me the day we went to prom he was acting nice he even wanted me to sleep over and his sister too but the next day they started doing party and his ex been 2 times already

  • Tracy Akins

    Ok heres my problem,i am 40 yrs old and my boyfriend is 28yrs old. We have been dating for 8 months now and i feel very serious about him,like in love kind of serious,but I dont believe he feels the same way as i do. He tells me that he loves me but he sends me mixed signals too,and he admitted to me that he still loves his ex which kills me! His ex and him have been apart for nearly a year and a half now,he should be good and well over her but hes not and it hurts me soo damned bad and i cry about it alot…It makes me feel so worthless and unloved.One thing i know is that its tearing us apart and idk if i can take being 2nd place in his heart. When i cry about it he get angry with me and swears at me for it. I have given him all my love heart and soul and my body and nothing still seems good enough. Maybe i am no good 🙁 I just though that by now he would be in love with me and stop thinking of her, hell she use to beat him up and treat him like shit and she called him the most vile names ever,so why oh why does he still love that omg!!! Im really thinking of moving on cause my heart cant take it no more 🙁 l want someone who really loves me and only me and wont take my love for granted,but what i am asking here is should i break it off,am i wasting my time,or is there something i can do to see if he really does love me or not,and to see if he is even capable of getting over her once and for all. Any feed back would be appreciated.Thank you.

    • frnnieva

      Tracy, same goes for you why do you still love that? Women like us, older..We have been through a lot in our lives but why do we keep falling for the wrong men? This movie perks of being a wallflower quote..We accept the love we think we deserve.That quote hurt me. I think I deserve a lot but why do I accept men that treat me this way? If you can answer that I think you know what to do.

  • Xavi Balderas

    i think ive been a good boy friend i always listen to her im sweet and careing and i love her but she gets mad all the time even if is not my foult she even gets mad bc is to hot outside and i cant go out with my friend bc she gets mad idk what to do

  • Bree

    Gurl… You probably don’t want to hear this but I get where your bf is coming from. I wouldn’t want my partner still chatting up with their Ex who saw their “blissful face” either.. That’s just ox in a box. 😕

  • Laura

    Been with him over 4 years. Like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One minute he’s acting like he cares; the next he turns into a complete monster. He is verbally abusive and recently began getting physically aggressive. Also, he refuses to give up talking to his ex-girlfriend even thought they supposedly broke up 4 years ago. He cheated on me with her at least once that I know of; probably more; and went out with other women and talked to them online repeatedly. He won’t let me touch his phone (so I can’t see his messages); is addicted to porn; won’t turn off phone or computer in bedroom, and will stop making love to take a call or watch the computer screen. Has to have porn on tv while lovemaking…it is all so hurtful! Everything has to be his way. My health and mental well being are destroyed; my self esteem is long gone. I can’t afford to live anywhere else, and relatives cannot help. I am trapped and don’t know how to rescue myself. I tired a women’s shelter, they couldn’t help either. Can’t work right now because of disabilities; yet cannot qualify for any benefits. This is so alien to me. I was married for 25 years until I got divorced; and even though my ex and I didn’t exactly get along, he wasn’t cruel and completely lacking any compassion as my bf is now. I am taking medication to try to keep from wanting to die.

  • Emma

    me and my fiancé have been engaged for nearly a year. Yesterday was out two year anniversary from first getting together. In the first year before we got engaged, we were inseparable and a real union. He proposed to me following my graduation- an end to a very stressful time at uni. Following my graduation, i feel like i didn’t get a break to recover but instead went onto the next thing- We moved to the city and i went self employed. However, since being proposed to i feel like we’ve become so distanced and we argue all the time. I felt like i got no help in finding us somewhere to live and he felt exhausted from all the stress. After moving out i found out he had debts and his retail job wasn’t going to pay everything. I then had to get him another job and pushed all of my work priorities aside. He blames me because he wasn’t ready to move and i’m angry that he doesn’t have initiative to go get what he wants. He talks about joining the military but just doesn’t do anything about it. Instead, he goes to work, spends all of his money paying back debts and gets very grumpy. I wanted to move to the city to enjoy it but we can’t because 1.no money and 2.we don’t get on. I know he is feeling bad about it but i’m the type of person that gets things sorted out and he just seems to sit back in denial. I’m angry that we are now one year into our engagement and are starting to despise each other… Please help!

    P.S. This has all come up i guess because of our anniversary yesterday. we went to bed on an argument. Not ideal marriage bases

    • Laura

      I am so sorry for your troubles, Emma! My advice? Do not marry this person. If you do, you will multiply your misery exponentially; and if you have children, you will be the sole provider and have to take on all the responsibility. Then if you decide to leave at that point, it’s a nightmare for you and your kids and you have to pay for a divorce! Not worth it! Find a worthy man and have a good life, because we only have one life; and I know I messed mine up but you are young and have a chance! Don’t throw your life away on this loser! Best of luck to you!!

  • Alexandra


    Well I think when you’re inlove you tend to be blind to see clearly the bad traits of your boyfriend. I just came from a break up yes it still hurts but I think it’s more worth it that we broke up.

    Just to give you an idea:
    I have an x boyfriend named Joseph Jasper Dimacali who fooled me and not just me but a lot women. After we broke up I discovered that he is going on and off with different women and asking for money as an additional source of living.He even does this kind of thing over the internet. He is a bastard and I don’t think he feel sorry for everything he did. I am really mad at him. He is definitely not a good person. Here is a link to his facebook account https://www.facebook.com/jayjay.dimacali.9?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

  • gypsyhaze

    ok i think I’ve met the worse guy ever. I’ve put up with his abuse for about a year and a half now. thinking back over all that time sadly i cannot say i have one good or happy memories in all that time only sad ones of how I’ve let him do so many bad things and then make me say sorry for what he done. but he took the cake and ate it as well 3 days ago just as i woke up (he must of been in a bad mood) the c**t not only punched into me (once again last time it was my birthday present) tried to brake all my fingers go to smash my lap top (cause all the iPhones and iPads he smashed wasn’t enough not to mention smashing up 4 cars that I’ve own) head butted his mum when she was trying to him to drop me (was been dragged around in a headlock) then punched into me cause ‘i made him do it’ then threw me out of his house (at that point chasing me with a chair so he can treat me like a pinata) but wait for it. we sleep naked and i didn’t have enough time to put even a top on so yes he threw me out of his house butt naked to walk the 50kms home with no money no phone i got ‘go fuck yourself here ill smash your laptop’ when asked may he call me a taxi.
    why did he do this? cause he had a headache and cried in the shower and no one came to help him (while i was dead to the world and he knew i wouldn’t been able to hear him or hear him enough to wake me up). he demanded that i was to cry and scream for help on the floor in the shower. i said no.
    he later came around to my place with out a sorry but felt that sorry was the one thing i owed him for doing that to me (he only came over to grab a ps3 game he didn’t get the game and said, shake my hand cause its over)

    got better?

    • Dina Strange

      call the police and have him arrested for physical abuse.

  • Hayleigh

    Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 months and he use to be amazing and awesome but now he is always to busy with sports and other stuff and it really bugs me!!!

  • helpless


  • sharu wils

    Hi. I am in a long distance relationship. we fight a lot but love at the same time.but in the duration of three months, we fought so much and even stayed without talking for weeks. without any reason he comes up saying just go , don’t talk to me and all . and later on he starts loving me . he is a mature guy but gets angry very soon. what should i do?