The Best Things You’ve Ever Said About Masturbation

This week, we’re doing something a little bit different to mix up the comments of the week. Instead of limiting ourselves to the past seven days, we’re opening it up to all those personal thoughts that you all have offered up in the comments in the past weeks, months, even years!

We write about a whole lot of stuff here, but one topic that never fails to get a conversation going is masturbation. So naturally, when we went mining through the things you have said in the past, we found some wise and honest words from you on that very topic that we wanted to share. These are some of the best things that you have said about masturbation. Take a look!

From “Why Masturbate? Five Reasons To Use Your Five Fingers!”


From “The Complete Guide To Masturbation”


From “Why Masturbate? Five Reasons To Use Your Five Fingers!”


From “The Complete Guide To Masturbation”


From “Survey Says: Are You Down With Self-Exploration?”


From “Survey: All About Masturbation”


From “50 Cent Teachers Us About Masturbation”


From “Top Ten Reasons To Masturbate”


From “Survey Says: Are You Down With Self-Exploration?”


Do you have your own thoughts on masturbation to share? Tell us in the comments. 


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  • Jaden

    masturbation is a awsome thing. Every girl should try it. I started at 10 years old

  • julia

    hard to masturbate with long nails

  • Lauren

    Masturbating feels so good i think everyone should do it.

  • Cartoony

    I started at 11.I thought it was wrong.But when i read here and and my friend told me it was fine i dont mind it at all its so AWESOME!!!

  • bigcop

    I started masturbating at age 12 I didn’t noe what wad going on but it was a good relaxing feeling. Till I hit 13 1/2 is when I reached an orgasm. It’s somethin u can’t describe its his so hmmm so sexy once u reach ur first orgasm. Everyone should.masturbate. its a Awsome feeling nd it helps release stress.

  • Jess

    I started masturbating at a really young age (I didn’t know what I was doing! lol I just knew I was rubbing this weird part of my vagina and it felt good and I got tired!) But I used to be really uncomfortable with it! But it’s totally normal and not a big deal! It helps you know what you like, relieve sexual tension, relieve stress, and its like taking sleepy pills without sleeping forever! Wooh (:

  • Smooth

    Masturbation is normal and healthy!
    Everyone does it, if you have not yet,
    you should.
    I masturbate every morning when I wake up
    and every night before bed!

    • Gina

      I masturbate twice a day even though I have sex with boys everyday also!

  • No name

    What is an appropriate age to start masturbating ?

    • Theresa

      I don’t know but my mom caught me when I was three and thought it was “cute”. I have been masturbating al long as I can rember!

  • Xx1belle5xX

    Masturbation is a wonderful experience! It helps like if you’re by yourself and you’re horny and well, to get that out of your system and relax. It’s a totally normal way of “expressing” yourself. It has many benefits and is nothing to be ashamed of.
    I do it when I’m like in the shower (so if I orgasm it’ll go down the drain).

    P.S. I do not masturbate every time I am in the shower. I’ve ran into this misunderstanding before.

  • Laurenx

    ok tht what i just read was really weird plz leave comments if u do agree with me x

  • Srijanee

    Masturbation makes you feel confident, convincing you that you don’t always need another person to make you feel content, or beautiful. I do it regularly, and love it.

  • Mabel Pines

    I only started masturbating late last year and its sort of like ‘Why didn’t I discover this sooner?!’. I mean,who wouldn’t like it? It’s completely natural, it gets you experienced,most girls do it and it’s a great way to ease the tension if you’re horny. Just make sure that no one’s around or everyone’s asleep if you don’t want to get caught.

  • pinkheart

    There are like one hundred great reasons to masturbate, I cant name them all but I can name a few.

    1. Helps us get to know our body better.
    2. Helps to know what you like when you start having sex.
    3. Helps prevent urinary tract infections.
    4. Helps us sleep better at night.
    5. Helps us orgasm easier.

    and at least 95 other great reasons.