5 Celebrities We Totally Wouldn’t Mind Being Possessed By

Possession isn’t exactly a glamorous thing. I mean, there’s the body contortions, the yelling, the pain, the pea soup vomit.

Generally, possession is considered a bad thing. But does it always have to be? I mean, what if you were possessed by a good spirit or a celebrity?

Here are a few celebs I think I’d kind of liked being possessed by.

Jennifer Lawrence

DUH. Who wouldn’t want to be possessed by the awesome awkwardness of J-Law? She would want to walk around without pants and eat French fries. She would quote movies and win ALL the awards of my life. She would make out with Bradley Cooper and put amazing braids in my hair.

Any Of The Pretty Little Liars

It has to be exhausting to act like you’re being chased by a group of crazed murderers every day. Acting or not, I would love to give these girls a chance to have like 24-hours of normalcy. They would all fill my closet with gorgeous clothes and fill up my Instagram with really cool pictures instead of what I had for brunch.

Emma Watson

I think Emma Watson would be a really nice possessor. She’s so nice that she would probably feel badly about it and not aim to make a mess of my life. She’d discuss Harry Potter with all of my friends and be cute and British.

Kim Kardashian

I’m so intrigued by what would happen if Kim were to take over my body. She would call E! immediately and get it turned into a reality show. She’d want the publicity to last so I think I’d be possessed for a while, but my hair would be super shiny.


I would love to have Sasha Fierce take over my life for a day. Imagine the possibilities! She’d be dancing my body all over the place, letting me hang out with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy and just generally ruling the world.

What celebrity would you choose to possess you for a day? What celebrity wouldn’t you want to possess you? Tell us in the comments!

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Quvenzhané Wallis could possess us too if she wanted

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