I’m Done Saying Sorry When I Don’t Need To Apologize


Anne doesn’t owe us a “sorry” for her fashion decisions. | Source: Apega/WENN.com

I know not everyone loves Anne Hathaway, but I think she’s pretty cool. I mean, she did get to hang out with Jennifer Lawrence after the Oscars, so I will always be a little jealous of her, but overall, I think of myself as a member of her support team.

It’s because I like her that I agree with Jezebel that Anne made a “totally unnecessary public apology” regarding what dress she wore to the Oscars on Sunday.

Basically, she decided to switch from a Valentino to a Prada dress (aka basically the same wardrobe decisions I make daily), but this was a real hot-button issue for people. I was so peeved that everyone made such a big deal about it that Anne felt compelled to apologize for the “disappointment” brought about by her decision.

Anne, girlfriend, you can wear whatever you want to wear! You did not wrong the public! If she really felt like she offended Valentino with her decision, she could have privately called or sent a nice Edible Arrangement. Point is, it would be between the involved parties.

But here I am acting like I would never apologize for something that didn’t really require it. HAHA, that’s hilarious, because obsessive apologizing has kind of always been my thing. Hearing me try to get off a crowded subway is like listening to an attempt to beat the world record for how many times a person can say “Sorry!!!” in 15 seconds. I have even apologized to restaurant staff when they’ve made a mistake with my order.

But I am ready to put a stop to this unnecessary sorry saying.

Recently, I had a mix-up with someone regarding requirements for a document I had to complete. I got a response back about there being a minor issue that I needed to fix, but when I went back and looked at the instructions, from what I could tell, I technically had still done it correctly. Instead of saying that, I wrote out a carefully worded apology where I said “sorry” two times in the span of three sentences. WHY?!

After the fact, I finally realized this was just too much. I hadn’t actually done anything wrong! No, I shouldn’t have freaked out on this person, but I also could have stood up for myself a little bit, instead of internalizing the blame for what was probably just a mutual misunderstanding.

Plus, people get really annoyed when I apologize too much. I’ve heard “Just stop saying sorry!” many times in my day. To that, I usually respond “Sorry” (classic). Seriously though, it’s a hard habit to break, because I hate the idea of offending people. That said, the last thing I’d want is for people to think that my apologies are insincere – especially when the times come that they really are necessary.

Since that recent mix-up, I’ve been trying to think harder before I say the word “sorry” and make sure it’s totally deserved and not me feeling obligated to say it. So while I can sit at my desk and say Anne doesn’t need to apologize for anything, I know that I also am working on accepting that it’s okay not be sorry for not saying sorry.

I know there are more of you like me out there. I hear when you say “Sorry!” over and over for things that aren’t your fault! No need to apologize for it, but are you ready to try and kick your unnecessary apology habit with me?

Do you think Anne had to publicly apologize about her dress? Do you feel like you apologize too much? In what cases do you think an apology is necessary? Tell us in the comments!

I Wish I Knew That It’s Okay To Stand Up For Yourself

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