What Guys Hate About Your Facebook Pictures!

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Guys are pretty insecure when it comes to YOUR Facebook pictures! | Source: ShutterStock

Since more of us are using Facebook to flirt with guys than ever, it’s pretty good to know what they do and don’t like in our Facebook pictures, specifically your Facebook profile pictures.

What’s funny is, guys have a lot of the same gripes about Facebook pictures that you and your girlfriends probably do. But a lot of the stuff that bugs guys about your Facebook pictures and Facebook profile pictures are actually things that reflect their own insecurities about themselves and where they stand with you. (Because you’re awesome and lovely, and they don’t like competition!)

Here are the ones that bug them the most!

If you have a ton of profile pictures and selfies, you look vain.
We can sort of groove with this. I mean, you know what you look like, right? And we can all guess that you’re pretty hot. So maybe it is a little superfluous.

If you have too few profile pictures, they assume you’re hiding something.
Or that you’re lazy. That’s dumb. Maybe you’re just private.

If you have only face shots, they assume you’re ashamed of your body.
Meh. You may just not have a ton of full-length shots.

If you have only body shots (especially cleavage selfies), they’re objectifying you.
Because you made it possible and they have no control over themselves apparently. Hear that, Kansas State fans? You’re not really helping the team do anything on the field, just helping creeps do stuff with tissues and Vaseline in their rooms. Gross.

Guys freak out if you look totally different from one photo to the next.
Unlike us, they don’t quite understand how exciting a new hair color or lipstick or contouring makeup is. That’s on them!

Guys hate when you pose with people who either are less cute or a lot cuter than you are.
Which is dumb for a few reasons: You can’t control what your friends look like, and birds of a feather tend to flock together. Since you’re adorable and pretty, chances are your pals are too–everyone is stunning in her own way, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we’re ignoring this.

They hate when you pose with other guys!
Unless you’re deliberately doing it to make your crush jealous, what’s the big deal? If you have a guy BFF or a brother, don’t shy away from grabbing a camera just because you think some insecure clown is gonna freak out about it. (But if you want to qualm their nerves a bit, maybe specify in the caption that he’s your bestie or the best big brother ever.)

Have you ever had guy drama over Facebook pictures? Do you think guys take Facebook pictures more seriously than you do? Are you “guilty” of any of the Facebook picture sins listed here? What do you hate most about guys’ Facebook picture habits? Tell us in the comments!

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