Have A Nickname For Your Crush Or Your Boyfriend? There’s A Reason For That!

nickname your boyfriend your crush

When he’s not around, his nickname is “pink shirt dude.” What’s your nickname for your boyfriend or your crush? | Source: ShutterStock

Chances are if you dish about your crush or your boyfriend with your pals, he’s got a nickname of some sort, whether he knows about it or not. I’m totally guilty of the nickname phenomenon: “Cute DJ,” “Chuck Taylors,” “Hazza,” “Captain Awkward,” “Hot Drummer,” “The Hot Pilot,” “The Other Hot Pilot.” (Don’t judge me, okay?)

We pretty much accepted giving nicknames to guys we like as something we just do–human nature, if you will. But it turns out, giving a nickname to your crush or your boyfriend may indicate you’re actually not that attached to them yet, and that you may be using it as a tool to keep your distance emotionally. Wait, what?

A love expert thinks that nicknaming is because of the way we date now, since it’s a lot different from how our parents went about finding love.

“We’re dating lots and lots of people, never before in our history have we had the insight … and access to so many individuals. And that’s new in the history of our species,” she explained. (So scientific sounding, right?) “And I think, that along with that, comes the phenomenon of short-term dating. Prior to this era, when you met somebody, and you really were travelling in smaller circles and because just the mileage that we covered was smaller, we’d have the opportunity to check them out–you went through that initial screening process before you had a date.”

Basically, the hookup culture we’re used to–and our lower expectations as a result of it–make us come up with nicknames for dudes we’re into.  The thinking behind it is, we’ll be a lot less bummed if, say, “Cute DJ” doesn’t pan out than if “Nick” leaves us high and dry and, you know, stands us up. (His nickname is now “Douchebag.”)

Think of it this way: I really, really love chicken nuggets. But if I had a pet chicken with a name, I wouldn’t want to eat it, because I mean, it has a name, and that would be messed up. But if it’s just, you know, chicken? Somehow, it becomes no biggie.

Of course, it’s not always so serious.  A big part of why I tend to nickname the guys I like is because they always seem to have the same names (most often Dave, Mike or Dan), so it’s just easier for my friends to keep track without confusing a promising new prospect with a shady, douchey ex.

Other times you may be around mutual pals of your crush or your boyfriend and don’t want them knowing who you’re talking about. And other times it’s just more fun to be like, “That Adorable Australian Streaker” than, well, “Tim.”

Have you ever given a nickname to your crush or your boyfriend? Do you and your friends refer to your boyfriend or crush as a nickname instead of his actual name? Why do you nickname guys? What’s your best nickname for your crush or your boyfriend? How do you think your crush or your boyfriend would react if he knew his nickname? Tell us in the comments!

If we gave Ryan Gosling a nickname, it’d probably be “Human Perfection.”

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  • Andria

    So there is this guy… We have been talking for quite a while now.. He saves a spot for me everyday on the bus.. But im not sure if he likes me in that kind of way…What should I do?

  • Jocelyn

    I have a crush on someone his name is zack and good nicknames

  • Wendy

    Okay so me and my crush have went out before but some bitch came and yea broke us up. This year he told.me that he likes me and of course I haven’t got over him so what should I do give him a chance or nah ?? & his nickname is Boo DG

  • Jordan

    I call my bf bearwolf because he’s like a bear and loves wolves

  • Victoria

    wEll I would call my bf my sweet churro

  • Taylor

    My friends say my boyfriend and I are super cute together, even without nicknames. His name is Tristan, so sometimes I call him T but it’s rare if I do. I became interested in him because of his name, why would I want to change it?

    • Sarah

      Call him Tri Stan

  • Das

    Call him bunny drives him crazy

  • 4real

    I’m been going out with my bf for 2 years he
    calls me suger bun n I call him teddy but my bf only calls me tht wen he wants something or did something wrong so I kinda like the deal of nicknames

  • nikki

    their are stupid nicknames shit my bf lovges me calling him handsome

  • abc

    My bf and I have been together for 3 years. His nick name is bears because hes a huge teddy bear.

  • Dottie

    Me and my bf have Ben dating for about a year and 6 months now we call each other nicknames all the time if I don’t call him by nicknames or he don’t call me by nicknames he knows that I’m upset with him n I know that he’s upset with me so maybe it’s not always that case

  • ? ? ?

    Nicknames are stupid….. 😛

  • Abby

    I like a guy who’s 4 years older than me. He’s really cute and I really like him! My friends and I made up nicknames for each of our crushes because people at our school tend to spread rumors and make fun of you for having crushes on People. They are Fettuccine Socks (mine), Grandma G, D -Rex, and Dumbo. . . Odd, I know!

  • Abbie

    I call my crush Captain America.

    • Abby


      • Celine

        Lots of love!

  • ??

    i hardly call anybody by their actual first name…it’s weird to me and makes me feel uncomfortable though i will the more distant i am from someone. weird? lol 🙂

  • maya

    There was this guy at my lifesaving club who made his Facebook profile picture him standing shirtless with a pink spade in his mouth (The caption was grrr…), so for months we called him ‘Spade guy’ and when he wasn’t looking we whispered ‘spaaade’, until someone told us that ‘spading’ meant really attractive…

  • Linnea

    I call my bf “Love” but that may be the result of watching one too many British tv shows.