GIF My Life: I’m Totally Broke

Raise your hand if you agree that you feel like you never have enough money to get everything you want? Okay, I guess I can’t see hands through the computer screen, but I’m going to guess most of you feel the same way. Feeling like your broke is a real bummer.

GIF Girl may have made a little money babysitting last week, but that cash flow has long since dried up. This timing isn’t so great, as she’s been bitten with the shopping bug once again. How will she handle having an empty wallet? Let’s take a look:

I just saw these shoes at the mall that I must own.

But I am totally broke and want to cry.

Okay, but minus having any bills to dry my tears. Seriously, where did all my cash go?

I mean, I’m probably the most responsible person I know with money.

Okay, so there was that ONE time.

I mean, I could get a job.

I’m sorry, but I have pretty strict job requirements

Then I remember some wise words to live by.

I guess I could ask my dad for a “small” loan.

But I don’t really want a lecture from him.

Better ask mom for some money instead.

She says she’ll give me $40!

If I clean out the entire basement this weekend.

Maybe if I bother my brother about it enough, he’ll just lend me some cash.

That didn’t work, so I call grandma. My request for an advance on a birthday check is also denied.

I’m all out of ideas. I love you shoes, but I guess I’m just stuck being broke. Maybe one day, maybe one day…

Do you feel like you’re broke? How do you usually make money? Tell me in the comments.


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