Sleeping Beauty Syndrome Is Real And Scary!

Lois Woods is a normal teenager who goes to school and loves basketball. But she also has “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” so she falls asleep for days, even months, at a time! I can’t even sleep in past 8 on the weekends, I can’t imagine sleeping for that long.

She doesn’t just sleep, though. Lois does all kinds of things during these episodes, “The weirdest thing I’ve ever done in episode is get my ears pierced and dye my hair red. When I woke up and mum told me that, I thought she was joking.” How do you even process that? I would not be able to handle waking up and realizing I had dyed my hair.

When I was in high school, I had knee surgery and was on sleep medication for a few weeks since I couldn’t sleep through the pain. I ended up sleep walking a few times and woke up on the floor of my bathroom. I even tried to go down the stairs. That was scary enough, but what happens to Lois is absolutely terrifying.

She also gets violent and ends up harming herself or her family, “I’ve woken up before and my hands have been covered in blood and my knuckles have been all bruised.” This is so scary for Lois and for her family. You can’t wake up someone in a sleep trance, so they just have to wait it out.

Lois is terrified to go to bed because she fears she won’t wake up from an episode. Now she can fall asleep anywhere, even on the basketball court. Most doctors haven’t been able to diagnose Lois, but she saw a documentary that featured a condition very similar to what she was dealing with.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is scientifically known as Kleine-Levin Syndrome, which affects only about 1,000 people in the world. There’s no known cure for it and sufferers can fall into sleep trances lasting from 20 hours to months.

Lois now needs full-time care when she falls into an episode. She was an A-student before and now is struggling to keep up with her classes.

Here’s hoping Lois isn’t Sleeping Beauty forever and doctors find a cure for this!

What do you think about Sleeping Beauty Syndrome? Have you ever heard of it? Does it scare you? Tell me in the comments!

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  • kalalasings

    I feel so bad for her…I wish there was a cure or at least some way to help her… <3