Quiz: Is Your Boyfriend Cheating On You?


Could your BF be cheating? | Source: Shutterstock

Uh oh. Are you finding yourself with a sneaking suspicion that your guy might be cheating on you? Whether you’ve been having trouble for a while or this worry has come on suddenly, it can be stressful to try and figure out if your guy is being faithful.

Before you get too worked up, take a deep breath. We’ve come up with some questions to try and get to the heart of the situation. Want to find out if you boyfriend could be cheating on you? Take the quiz!


Have you ever thought your boyfriend was cheating on you? Were you right? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Vanesha Young

    i tink my boyfreind is cheating on me because he just pick up and go and dont cum till hours and hours and i hve been with him over 3 years he always hve his fone on him dont want me touch it

  • Mariya Anderson

    plz help

  • Mariya Anderson

    i think my boyfriend is cheating on me we never talk plz help

  • Fakra Musa

    Help please I don’t know what to do. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we have been good together. November 2014 he was not the man that I know. I was calling he don’t pick or tell me he is sleeping at a friends place that he never sleep no where no matter what. I was sensing something is wrong, my sister call me and tell me that she have seen him with har girl and I wan to is place and find him with the girl. What I did( break is things) and he told my mum that the girl was a friend and he was in bed with the girl when I came in please help.

    • kia

      I’m so sorry that happen to you these mans don’t know when they have someone good in they life.. I know you love him but you have to let him go and find someone else who’s going to love you for you

  • Anonymous

    I handled it amicably bt b4 den i talkd 2 hm n felt he had hurt mi xo much n he was xo sorry,hurt and very guilty,den leta he apologizd n changd hs ways,he’s nw madly in luv wit mi dan eva b4.

    • kia

      Leave him alone for some reason mans don’t know when they have something good until we leave their asses for good

  • Esther

    Yes.I’m nt sure bt i kept on askin him all he says is no

  • juliet


  • nelly

    yes i think like he’s cheating on me because he is talking in new way and treating me in mew way .

  • kissme ly


  • CammyB

    I have an awsome boyfriend and I love him much much

  • lihaira

    He has been cheating on me 4 almost a year now,I never wanted but I was hoting my sael cus am always thinking abt it,so I ask him he lie abt it everytime he lie abt it.so 1 day I saw him with d girl.he was still liyein that she was his friend’s gf…..but he was lying to me n I never cheated on him.what should I do n I love him.

  • mary


  • sinead xx

    not helpful ATALL!!!!!!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ soz babess bt you cud do better… its under quizzes’s nd its nt even a quiz πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ tbh you cudda tried a lil harder πŸ™‚ just an honest opinion babes πŸ™‚ x