What Men Want Vs. What Women Want In Relationship Conflicts–And How To Get Both!

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What men want and what women want have been debated forever, but a new study narrows both of them down–and chances are, it’s exactly what you’d expect. Relationship counselors say that what men want in a relationship is more sex, while what women want is more communication.

When you’re having problems in a relationship, men often don’t see the signs until it’s almost too late–and instead of talking everything over like girls are said to want to do, guys would rather have a checklist of things to fix and do to get everything back on the right track.

When your relationship is rocky, guys are less likely to work on it. They’d rather just ignore problems in hopes that they’ll go away–and are more likely to talk things out and try to fix it when and only when they think you’re going to leave.

Counselors also said that guys take breakups a lot harder than we do. That can be hard to imagine if you’ve ever had a really bad broken heart, but experts suggest that girls have a broader, stronger support system for tough times like breakups than guys do. They’re a lot less likely to call a pal and cry over cupcakes and a lot more likely to feel isolated and alone–and as a result, guys are at greater risk of suicide following a split. Scary!

Here’s the thing–if what men want is more sex, they really should just talk to you a bit more about your issues. Because guess what makes for better sex? That’s right. Communication! (Seriously.) And that has to go both ways–if you want your guy to do something, like call you more instead of texting, you have to tell him–he’ll be more than happy to oblige if he’s worth it (and if he thinks it’ll help him get laid).

And obviously, what women want is a man who’s evolved enough to care about more than just sex. And that’s the kind of guy you deserve–even if he wants sex, he has to want, respect and dig you as a person in order to get it. Besides, the cooler he is and the more he communicates with you, the better the sex is going to be.

Do you think more sex is really what men want? Is communication really what women want? What do you want most out of a relationship? How do you deal with relationship drama? Tell us in the comments!

What women want and what men want–at the same time!

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