#ThingsGirlsLike Is Trending On Twitter: Is This Really What We Like?

As soon as I saw that #ThingsGirlsLike was trending on Twitter this morning, I knew I had to check it out. I pretty much got what I expected: a lot of girls writing down their wish-list for the perfect boyfriend, a few losers spouting typical misogynistic statements and some funny weirdos just saying really random things.

According to the majority of Twitter, girls really like yoga pants, Mean Girls, when guys buy them stuff (?!), hugs from behind, eating without getting fat (?!), compliments and goodnight texts. Um… I like most of those things too, but I’d also like to think that girls are a little more complex than this. I mean, come on guys. Is this the best you could do?!

Fortunately, I found some things that make a little more sense and are a little less, um, stereotypical. Some of them are pretty awesome. Oh, and some of them I’m just making fun of. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! What can you relate to?

First of all… preach, girl! 
things girls like


This sums up the majority of the tweets in this hashtag.


Yeah, babies are only good to look at… or something.


I’m not going to lie, these are the best days.


This is EXACTLY what we like. How did they know?


Admit it: this feels amazing.


So does this. Sigh.


Ladies, the correct way to use sarcasm.


For real though, this sounds pretty cool. Teach me your ways.


Ooh, oh look! I found the “nice guy!”


Sounds about right.


This is the most romantic thing a guy can say to us. Obviously.


SO relieved someone got perfectly cooked rice on this list.


Actually… this sounds awesome.


Sorry! I couldn’t resist.

Which of these tweets is your favorite? If you were going to tweet into this hashtag, what would you write? What do you think girls like? Tell me in the comments!



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  • Tayylove96

    That last one about Ryan Gosling ! He is just so perfect.
    #Thingsgirlslike being appreciated, treated like a princess( most times), being equal to guys (!!). Getiing comfy at home, taking off heels after a long day, bubble baths.