Beauty Shortcut: Vaseline As Makeup Remover

I used to be notoriously bad for not using makeup remover. I would just wash my face with my cleanser without taking my eye makeup off and end up scrubbing my eyes so much that they would get super irritated and red.

Oh and I would look like a raccoon and have eye makeup smudged all over my face, which is essentially the opposite thing I wanted when washing my face. But props to me for washing my face before bed!

For some reason, I thought my face wash would take everything off with ease, but no. Makeup remover is actually a really important beauty product that a lot of people skip. I never buy it because I don’t want to spend money on something that my other products will take care of. Okay, and I would rather buy pint of Ben & Jerry’s instead. Sue me.

But I do happen to have a large tub of Vaseline that I use for cracked heels and ultra dry skin. You know what else Vaseline is good for? Taking off makeup.

You’re probably thinking, “Um, I’m not slathering Vaseline on my face.” Yes, yes you are. And it’s going to work, I promise.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Scoop up a little (pea-sized or smaller) dab of Vaseline onto your finger

2. Apply dab to your eyelid

3. Using a cotton round, carefully wipe off the Vaseline and your makeup

4. Add more Vaseline if necessary and wipe until the cotton round comes up clean

5. Remove any leftover Vaseline with a fresh cotton round

6. Wash face as usual!

Vaseline is one of those glorious multi-tasking beauty products, but this is probably my favorite use for it. Plus, it saves me from spending money on a makeup remover that I don’t need!

Do you use a makeup remover? Have you ever tried this trick with Vaseline? Tell me in the comments!

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  • clare

    Vaseline is like the all around product must have. I have like five tubs of it and a mini one in my backpack just in case.

  • Lolly

    1. Annoy a wolverine.