Gadget Gurl: My 5 Favorite Study Apps

Back in my high school days, we didn’t have smartphones until my senior year. And I used to have to walk to school holding a hot potato in my hands to keep warm. Just kidding, but having a smartphone now makes me feel like that.

When I got to college, study apps became all the rage and boy did I love them! I was a good student in high school, but I was a great student in college because I had amazing tools to help me. And a lot of games (I’m really good at Angry Birds, you guys) to distract me too, but that’s not the point here.

Being so attached to my phone seemed like a problem, but I found myself studying more in my free time since I had easy access to my materials. Check out my 5 favorite study apps that will basically get you an A:

1. Grades 2: You know when a teacher hands you a syllabus with a breakdown of percentages that they’ll calculate your grade with but you don’t understand how to calculate it? Grades takes care of that for you! You plug in the percentages for tests, homework, quizzes, projects or whatever else. Then when you get your grades back for those categories, you add those in and out pops your actual grade! It also tells you what you need to get on certain assignments to make a specific final grade, which is really helpful when studying for a big exam.

2. iStudiez Pro: This app saved my life, and I’m not even kidding. You can access it from your computer, phone or tablet and it’s all synced through your account. With iStudiez, you plug in your class schedule, assignments and due dates. You can set alerts and mark what assignments are the highest priority. It’s basically an interactive day planner.

3. StudyBlue: If you’re a flashcard person, this app is for you. No more carrying around 100 note cards on the Industrial Revolution because you can get them all on your phone. StudyBlue lets you create flashcards for your classes. It tracks your progress and quizzes you so you can knock that Spanish vocab out of the park.

4. Evernote: Nobody actually likes taking notes, but Evernote makes it a lot easier. It syncs through all of your devices and stores your notes in a cloud. Miss a class? Have your friend snap a pic of her notes and you can import it into your Evernote. You can even record lectures, which is a super cool feature. I never lost notes in college because I had everything backed up on the interwebs.

5. No more freaking out that you don’t have a pocket dictionary on hand! You can look up anything for definition or bring up the thesaurus. It tells you everything about words from pronunciation to origin, and there’s also a “Word of the Day” feature which is really neat.

I know you don’t love to study, but these apps will make studying much more bearable. Trust me, your GPA will thank you!

Do you use any study apps? Which ones? Or do you prefer studying with just a book and highlighter? Tell me in the comments!

These apps will also keep you organized and reduce stress

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