Super Fun BFF Necklaces From Etsy (That Don’t Even Say “Best Friends” On Them!)

A loooonnggggg while back, we found some awesome Etsy BFF trinkets – from necklaces to rings to keychains – which are still worth a look, but I wanted to check in an see what kinds of new additions may have made a splash online.

In particular, I wanted to focus on necklaces. When I was in school, BFF necklaces always just shouted BEST FRIENDS in capital letters or had clunky designs that didn’t match any of my clothes. As I searched Etsy today, I looked around for some modern BFF necklaces that celebrate the simplicity of a best friendship, but also can tie in some goofy elements a BFF would love.

Basically, I wanted to skip anything that just states the obvious with “Best Friends” on it, and instead find things I think BFF pairs would mostly share as a special nod to their friendship just between them. Here are ten super fun BFF necklaces from Etsy:

Do you have a BFF necklace with your best friend? Which of these ones above are your favorite? What design would be perfect for you and your bestie? Tell us in the comments!

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