What Might These Ladies Wear To The Oscars This Year? Here Are Their Past Oscar Looks!

I am so beyond excited for the Oscars tonight. It is seriously the most exciting day of my year. I have shelled out an embarrassing amount of money at the movies during the last year in order to see as many as the performances as possible, and now it is time for me to see where my favorites stack up!

I love thinking about all the creative contributions and performances at the Oscars, but it’s hard to ignore the artistry of the red carpet. Fashion is an art in itself and it is always fascinating to see what people choose to wear on the red carpet. Over the years, artists have tried out all different styles and trends, so let’s take a look back at what every female acting nominee for this year wore to previous red carpets – then you can be on the look out for them later tonight!

Anne Hathaway, Best Supporting Actress

From the looks of these pics, Anne has stuck to whites and reds for her trips to the Academy Awards. From left to right, this is Anne in 2007, 2008, 2009, and finally, 2011. I don't think she'll keep this pattern and go with a white dress this year since she wore one to the Golden Globes, but who knows!

Sources (L-R): Nikki Nelson/ WENN; Nikki Nelson/ WENN; Apega/WENN; Apega/WENN.com

Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress

Amy has really mixed up her style from year to year, so I'm excited to see what she pulls off for this go around. At left is her dress from her first Oscars in 2006, followed by her 2008 dress, her 2011 dress (which I think is my favorite), and finally her look from last year.

Sources (L-R): Nikki Nelson / WENN; Nikki Nelson/ WENN; WENN.com; Brian To/WENN.com

Naomi Watts, Best Actress

Naomi's past Oscar looks have included some soft colors. The photo from left is her at the 2006 ceremony, and then at right is her the following year. Do you think she'll stick with her own trend or bust out something brand new in 2013?

Sources (L-R): Nikki Nelson / WENNN; Fabrizio Picco/WENN

Sally Field, Best Supporting Actress

Sally Field already has two Oscars, both of which she won '80s. At left is what she wore when she won her first Oscar in 1980, and the one on the right is from her second win in 1985. Will she go with something bright like her first win or more classic like her second? Something totally different?

Sources (L-R): YouTube; YouTube

Helen Hunt, Best Supporting Actress

Helen actually already has an Oscar from when she won Best Actress in 1998. I love the color of that blue dress. At right, you can get a bit of a sense of what she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party back in 2005. We're excited to see what she decides to wear now that she's headed back to the Oscar red carpet!

Sources (L-R): YouTube; POP/WENN

Jessica Chastain, Jacki Weaver & Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica and Jennifer are vying for a Best Actress win, and Jacki is up for Best Supporting Actress. All of them have already attended the Oscars (and been nominated!) once before. So what did they where for their first Oscar outing? Pictured here is Jessica at last year's ceremony, and Jacki and Jennifer from 2011. Do you think they'll go for totally different looks this time around?

Sources: Brian To/WENN.com (Jessica); Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com (Jacki); WENN.com (Jennifer)

Emmanuelle Riva & Quvenzhané Wallis, Best Actress

This is the first time Emmanuelle and Quvenzhané have been nominated, so while we don't have photos from their previous trips to the Oscars, these two talents have definitely been in the awards show spotlight within this past year. Here is Emmanuelle at the National Board of Reviews Gala and there is Quvenzhané at the Critics Choice Movie Awards. We're excited to see what they decide to wear to attend the Oscars as nominees (fun fact: they are the oldest and youngest Best Actress nominees in history!).

Sources: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com (Emmanuelle); FayesVision/WENN.com (Quvenzhané)

Are you excited for the Oscars? Whose dresses are you most looking forward to seeing on the red carpet? Tell us in the comments! 

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