What Does Your Favorite Disney Princess Say About You?

Disney Princesses are awesome. They’re defiant and aren’t afraid to take chances. Plus they have some pretty fantastic outfits.

I’ve always classified myself as Belle from Beauty and the Beast because I love reading, helping people and I sacrifice my happiness for others. And she’s the only one I look like.

Everyone has a Disney Princess spirit animal, but what does that mean? Click below to find out what your favorite Disney Princess says about you!

Snow White










Which Disney Princess are you? Did she match your personality? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. avatar Alexis says:

    My favorite was Belle,which was spot on!!

  2. avatar gabby says:

    jasmine has always been my favorite. not surprised. i am the way i am cuz of her

  3. avatar Lavender Girl* says:

    I love Rapunzel! She is like me talented, happy and honest :)

  4. avatar allforlove says:

    That’s me…

  5. avatar Jane says:

    I always knew I was Ariel. :)

  6. avatar Summer says:

    My favorite princess has always been Snow White ever since I was little. I’m not much like her though. I think that I am more like Aurora, Jasmine, Tiana, and Rapunzel.

  7. avatar Becky says:

    i got rapunzel because i am positive and i am like snow white because i look like her and cinderella and aurora!

  8. avatar Sarah says:

    I’d always loved Aurora, ever since I was a little kid. I never knew how similar I was to my favorite princess…

  9. avatar Abi says:

    I like Mulan, I just liked it how she shattered the cliche of the woman always been weak?

  10. avatar grace says:

    I’ve got some bits of:
    Aurora: You’re wishful and imaginative. You have big dreams and are very talented, which makes some people jealous.
    Belle: You love to read and are perfectly content staying in with a good book rather than going out. You will help anyone no matter how they treat you because you’re such a caring person.
    Jasmine: You’re stubborn. You hate it when people tell you what to do so sometimes you act out and do what you want. You have friends in different groups because you don’t care about status.

    Please dont think I’m so self praising or something like that. I just told my character.

  11. avatar Emma says:

    Belle. She and I both love to read. She was my idol when I was little.

  12. avatar bakerychaz says:

    As a kid, I loved Jasmine because I thought she was a lot prettier than the other princesses, and I loved her outfit! I’ve always been fond of foreign cultures too.

  13. avatar dahlia says:

    I belive I am Ariel for my love of the sea and mermaids.
    Plus I love fish.

  14. avatar Hailey says:

    Jasmine. Which isn’t very much of a surprise. She’s been my favourite Disney princess since I was a little kid.

  15. avatar LittleRedWolfGirl says:

    I’m basically Belle (always have been), because I love reading and don’t care much for society’s expectations, but I’ve got a bit of Mulan in me in that I don’t give a crap about gender roles.

  16. avatar Lena says:

    well, I’m like Belle even if I do not look like her at all.

  17. avatar Genni says:

    Aurora and rapunzel

  18. avatar Taylor says:

    Omg I loved Pocahontas when I was a kid– I still do, in fact! When I was little, I even wanted to be her when I grew up, hahaha. I always loved how she was a princess, but not the typical kind that generally every one thinks of. I still occasionally watch it on the VCR, but its getting old and it gets those pesky lines running through the screen. I wish I had it on DVD. Anyways, her personality pretty much matches mine perfect. I’m outside a lot and I hate conflict.

  19. avatar Anya says:

    I’m a Pocahontas and a Mulan.. YES!Those two are my favourite

  20. avatar Lolly says:

    Screw that. I’m gonna go hang out with Esmeralda.

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