How Do I Get Over A Crush? 10 Ways To Stop Liking Someone

Having a crush can be casual and fun… until that crush goes on for months, even years, and then suddenly you find yourself stuck in this endless cycle of liking someone you feel like you barely know. Ack! Maybe your crush started dating someone new, maybe you found out he’s just not that into you, maybe you’re just sick of liking him – either way, getting over a crush can be difficult. 

So how do you make yourself stop liking someone? It’s not always easy to fight against your own brain and force yourself to think differently than you have been for a while. But the good news is that it’s totally possible. Tired of crushing on someone you know you’re never going to be with? We’re here to help you. The first step, obviously, is to decide without any doubt that you’re ready to move on. Then you can read these 10 steps on how to get over a crush: 

Are you trying to get over a crush? How do you get over someone? Does your crush like you back? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Anonymous

    I liked a girl in my HPE class. But know I don’t like her at all!!!
    In fact she is one of my least favourite people and a major show-off in the school.Thank you

  • hopeless_crushbug

    i love this boy (for 3 years) but he has a relatively new girlfriend and i wont see him for a whole year because he is in the year below me(i am 14 and in year 9) and next year i am going to a different campus and i don’t even know why i like him because he is not attractive at all but he is so ugly that hes cute. i have my suspicions that he likes me for as long as i liked him, it was love at first sight. i also have my doubts that he likes me because he broke up with his ex a month or two back and he didn’t talk to me about liking me or wanting to date me and now he has this new girlfriend and i am ready to give up because we only have 4 weeks (a month) left together before i have to wait a year for him to come to the senior campus to me. there is this wall where at the end of the year all the year 9’s sign their name on it and i am very tempted to underneath my name “i love Jacob M…” exactly like that with the dots at the end. i wanna write that as to tell him before i leave and if he does like me it gives him a nice reminder of me and my love for him.
    P.S.this is the biggest crush i have ever had EVER. i have never felt this way before and he is really annoying and this morning he put a condom on his head and his excuse to the teachers was that he is a dickhead (he’s not exactly lying) he is really funny and i can see myself with him but i don’t have a phone and i live out of town so we could only see each other at school (in a year) but he has his own friends and i feel awkward to talk to him when he is with him so when i see him alone i say hi or wave if i am at a distance.
    P.P.S.did i mention i have had plenty of opotunities to be friends with him but it is his friends that are in the way. he was at my house once (don’t ask) and it was 2 days after my birthday and we actually became friends. He was playing games with my brother on his ps4 and I had a 20 seconds of braveness thing and he turned and stared at me for like 10 seconds and we stared at each other and i could feel myself getting red so i said in a cute voice (as i smiled) “stop lookin’ at me” he smiled and turned around. More to come soon

  • Notice me??

    So, there’s this guy and I really like him and he used to flirt with me like everyday. The only thing is now we don’t talk and he started hanging out with a guy that HATES me (we’re gonna call him froggy). Froggy’s been rude to me ever since I said I didn’t want to date him. He told my best guy friend I was a b**ch. Now I feel like sherbet (we’re just gonna call my crush that) hates me. When Sherbet wasn’t by his friends though, he told me I was the nicest and smartest girl in the school and smiled. I need help!!!!

  • Ann Fernandez

    ok. I don’t know this guy but we have this mutual friend is common which is my best friend. We sorta know each other through social media and our mutual friend. He said to my best friend she’s beautiful and also he wished me for my birthday. I got to thinking about the ‘what ifs’. I’ve been hearing all the good stuffs about him from my best friend and he’s so my type from the pictures I’ve seen of him. So basically, I have this HUGE crush on a person I’ve not even met. HELP. I NEED ADVICE

  • I like my crush because he is so kind and relaxing and to be with. I enjoy talking to him a lot. Today when I saw him I unconsciously stated to walk slower and exaggerated the weight of the box I was carrying just so he can offer to help me. The other day I saw him taking to this other pretty girl and I started to sulk on my own. ;-; why am I such a loser and (pls excuse my language) a petty bitch. Ugh.
    Ok here’s my crisis, aka further proof I’m a fucking bitch.
    1. I’m actually a high school senior. There’s only four months left of school, so even if we did stated to date, it probably won’t last long.
    2. He’s a “loser”. Why tf do I like him I don’t know, i just do. He doesn’t have much college plans. His grades aren’t good. And He’s not physically attractive. I know, I’ve seen his cute flabs (ughhhh wtf am I saying)
    3. I used to “date” his best friend back in middle school. (Sorry yea bitch alert) found out it that we’re meant to be just friends. Calling it puppy love is prob still A overstatement. Anyways his best friend has been dating another girl for the past four years and most likely don’t give a fuck, but wouldn’t it be awkward for my crush??
    4. He’s had few flings with a few attractive girls. I’m probably nothing compared to them tbh. (Refer to pretty girl that he was talking to and I sulked for the rest of the day)
    5. He an extrovert. I’m an introvert. He has this big group of tight friends since middle school while i practically have none. He has so many better options to choose from than me, he has so many girl friends. Pretty ones at that.
    6. Actually idk if I actually like him or I’m just fucking lonely.
    7. One time we went to the City together for a club event and hung out a lot. Small actions like high-fiving me continuously made my heart flutter and we had a deep conversation in the car ride going home. But the next day he told me to forget everything from that night and almost ignored me for a while. It fucking hurt man. Is it a sign he doesn’t like me. Shit it probably is. Fml
    Anyways after thinking about it a lot and practically pulling out all my hair from frustration, I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut and wait the next four months until I never have to see him again. Meanwhile, I’m trying to assure him he’ll be fine going to a community college and help him go to prom with that pretty girl. Wish me good luck.

  • kc

    ok so I like this guy… and I’ve liked him for a while. Recently I found out that he likes my ex-best friend, which only makes things so much better. To top it off, yesterday I found out that a really popular, pretty girl likes him too. I’m also pretty sure that the girl that he likes likes him back, and he is basically one of the most popular guys in my grade. One of the worst parts is that my best friend is friends with him, so I cannot talk to him about my crush. I have many classes with the guy I like, and we joke around a lot and converse, but one of his friends constantly makes jokes about us dating and the guy I like responds with, “come on ______ stopppppp” and such. Another horrid part is that my crushs’ two best friends both like me, so I’m off limits. THIS ALL JUST SUCKS AND YOUR BLOG DIDN’T HELP ME AND I AM STILL IN THIS HELLHOLE OF BEING IN LOVE