13 Old Disney Channel Original Movies We Want To Watch Right Now

When I was younger, I watched the Disney Channel religiously. I was obsessed with the shows and the movie stars who were mostly my age, but I was even more obsessed with the classic Disney Channel Original Movies. Remember when they would premiere and everyone would look forward to them and then the night they came on, we would all stay in to watch them? Sigh. Those were the good days.

Looking back on some of my absolute favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, I have to admit that the plot lines are ridiculous, the acting is decent at best and basically every movie was kind of… bad. But it doesn’t matter. These movies, no matter how terrible they may be now, will always have a special place in my heart. I love them. And I wanted to watch them again, so I put together my list of 13 favorites. Check them out and I’m sorry in advance for making you procrastinate your school work.



Brink was the first Disney Channel movie that I became obsessed with. This was probably because I’ve always been in love with the idea of California, I used to think I could skateboard (I can’t) and also I had a huge crush on Erik von Detten. PS, where is he?!



I could never fully get into this movie and I think that’s because I was always way too obsessed with Hocus Pocus to care about any other Halloween movie ever. This one still haunts my TV screens every October.


Zenon, Girl Of The 21st Century

This movie absolutely makes my list of best TV movies of all time. How could it not? First of all, it introduced so many new words and second of all, it really made me want to live in space. Why is life so unfair?


The Thirteenth Year

Okay, the kid in this movie is basically the luckiest kid in the entire world because, um, he’s A MERMAID. No big deal, just my life dream. Obviously I re-watched this about 50 million times or just whenever possible.


Smart House

The beginning of this movie made me want a smart house of my own, but by the end I was like, “The future? No thanks.”


Johnny Tsnuami

Hands down my favorite TV movie of all time. I couldn’t even tell you why. All I know is that this movie inspired me to start snowboarding. I failed miserably and took up skiing instead, but that’s not the point. The point is… this is the best Disney Channel Original Movie and I’m not listening to any arguments!


Horse Sense

I seriously wish the Lawrence brothers were still acting (are they? Am I missing something important?). This movie is one of the reasons why. And horses! This made me love horses even more.


Rip Girls

This comes really close to winning over Johnny Tsnumai. These movies caused my obsession with Hawaii. Is it sad that the Disney Channel influenced so much of my life?



I can’t even handle the beginning of this video. It’s so ’90s Disney. This whole movie is weird, actually, but I still like it.



I actually really love that Disney had a girl doing motocross in this movie. Still, this wasn’t one of my top favorites – I was basically the complete opposite of the main character.


The Luck Of The Irish

Honestly, this movie makes me laugh so much. It is literally so ridiculous but so awesome at the same time. The most popular kid in school is really a leprechaun? I mean, half a leprechaun. I can’t even deal with it. Also, fun fact, the main actor also played Ian in Pretty Little Liars. You knew he looked familiar, right?


Cadet Kelly

I’ll watch anything that stars Hilary Duff. Also, getting enrolled in military school was pretty much my worst nightmare when I was a kid. I don’t know why, it was never a possibility.


Get A Clue

Aw, guys. Remember when Lindsey Lohan wasn’t a huge mess? I really miss this Lindsay and I’m not even being sarcastic. I still enjoy this movie way, way too much.

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Which of these movies was your favorite? What did I miss? What do you miss the most about the old Disney Channel? Tell me in the comments!


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  • KristinStar Picun

    I didn’t have Disney Channel when I was younger, but have enjoyed watching a lot of the shows and movies over the last decade, and got to see some of the more rare DCOMs that they didn’t re-air much in this “100 DCOMs Celebration” thing, this Summer…However, what has, some places, been credited as the first Disney Channel Original Movie, “Northern Lights” was not included, and doesn’t seem to be available for purchase or viewing anywhere that I can find…I’ve never seen it and have been trying to track it down…Please let me know if you know of where it can be found.
    ~*Kristin Star*

  • sammypreston

    Nice list

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  • Haley

    You forgot “Right On Track”. The movie with the parents with to girl drag racers. I love that movie.

  • JoJo

    Joey Lawrence is still acting. Currently as Joey Longo in Melissa (Melissa Joan Hart) and Joey on ABC Family. Wednesdays 7pm central.

  • Paige Smith

    What about Model Behavior and My Date With the President’s Daughter? Those movies were amazing!

    • KristinStar Picun

      I had always thought that those were Disney Channel Movies, but apparently, they aren’t “DCOMs”…I don’t know where they originally aired, but I had seen them on Disney Channel.

  • Melody

    Ahhh!! I love all of these! Zenon (the BEST come on!), RIP Girls, Thirteenth year, the Luck of the Irish, and Motocrossed were my favorites. But there were some that didn’t make the list that left lasting impressions “Stepsister from planet weird” was one (Weird for sure…who thought of the bubble people?) but weird enough to remember. “The Color of Friendship” was great about apartheid in South Africa, and “Seventeen Again” with all three Malrey kids in it! great, I loved that movie.

    All in all a good list, but Quints was terrible…for 3/4ths of the movie those babies are crying…I hear enough of that at home!

  • Samantha

    Ohh man i remember watching all of these movies!! If Disney Channel brought back all of the old shows like Phil of the Future (Kaley and Phil kissing at the end still makes me tear up a bit lol), Thats so Raven, Lizze McGuire, Even Stevens (they could do a reunion with Shia looking like a total stud btw), Proud Famly and Recess I would definetely start watching again. I feel old now having been able to watch all of these movies growing up. lol

  • jordan

    The only new Disney movie I’ve actually enjoyed was princess protection program, the rest r just blehhh . Out of these cadet Kelly is my favorite but luck of the Irish is awsum.

  • Christine

    I remember these!!!! ohmaagawd these bring back sooo many memories, i loved all of these. i really dont like the new disney, i loved the old shows like proud family,zack and cody,even stevens but i ESPECIALLY loved recess <3 ahhh memories πŸ™‚ along with these movies i loved read it and weep, i always DREAMED of having her laptop or notebook or whatever it was she had πŸ™‚

  • Taylor

    The only one I remember watching was Luck of the Irish (I’m only 14, btw), and I totally loved it. I forget lots of it though, oh what I would do to watch it again. And I agree that they should bring back Recess, That’s So Raven, Suite Life of Zac and Cody and Phil of the Future (even though its sorta impossible besides recess). And you can’t forget about Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. Gosh I love that show. Makes me laugh every time, I would be happy if they even played reruns.

  • Jen

    You forgot Ally Cat Strike. That movie made me think that is was cool to bowl(if only temporarily) πŸ™‚

  • Mabel Pines

    I hate the new Disney channel! It’s called the DISNEY Channel and yet there’s nothing Disneyish about it! The only thing that remotely relates to it is that they do show some of the old Mickey Mouse shorts from time to time and even then,they’re shortened! By the time I got it,it was just beginning its decline and even then it wasn’t half bad. I remember when there was the Suite Life of Zac and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place was good and even Hannah Montana was decent. As for the films, some of them are okay but most of them I don’t care for. The only two I find fairly entertaining is Starstruck and 16 Wishes.

    • Genni

      Thank You! Like what happened? Walt Disney would be ashamed! We need Proud Family Back And Even Steven And Phil Of the Future and Recess and Thats so Raven! We need to make an Army and prove to them that new disney sucks and that old disney would probably get more views!

  • Grace

    They forgot “Read It and Weep” miss that movie πŸ™

  • DaynaMarie

    I always loved “Going to the Mat.”

    • KatySeal

      Me too!!! I’ve been trying to find it online for like 5 years!

  • leyla

    why isn’t “stuck in the suburbs” on here?? :/

  • Patricia James

    WOW…Throw back. I’m Old enough to remember all of those. I can’t believe I’m old. I still talk about Zenon, Girl Of The 21st Century

  • Saiias

    I remember all these movies, and how much I hated them. I was one of those weird kids where if a movie wasn’t animated, I wasn’t watching it. However, I really did love Halloweentown.

  • Molly

    You forgot Susie Q. I love that movie. I was a Power Rangers girl so of course I loved Kimberly in it and I love the 50’s. Please it was such a sweet and depressing story.

    • Annabelle Langridgeayt


    • sammypreston