GIF My Life: A Babysitting Adventure

Ah, babysitting. The teenage rite of passage into making money. Babysitting can be the most awesome job in the world (Playing with toys! Watching movies!) to one of the worst (Dealing with fighting siblings! No one wants to go to sleep!). It often hits both extremes in one evening!

Well, GIF Girl is strapped for cash, so she’s taking on the neighborhood babysitting beat this week. We have a feeling that you may be able to relate to a thing or two as she quickly realizes that babysitting is not exactly what The Babysitter’s Club made it out to be:

My neighbor calls to see if I can babysit on Friday night. I say “yes” right away.

Two minutes after her call, my friends tell me about a party they are having Friday night. Sigh, of course I can’t go now.

Friday rolls around, and I walk over to my neighbors. The kids seem pretty calm, even a little sad that their parents are leaving (awww!).

But as soon as their parents are out the door… They go absolutely nuts. There is a lot of yelling.

Yeah, I have a feeling that this is going to be a long evening.

So, what to do first? Well, the kids want to play hide and seek, so I agree. FYI: TERRIBLE IDEA. I can only find two of the children. I am missing the third.

It’s been like twenty minutes and while I am freaking out, the others seem to think it’s hilarious. The refuse to tell me where their sibling is hiding.

Finally, they give up kid #3’s hiding spot (giant sigh of relief!). I’ve learned hide and seek is way too stressful for babysitting. Like, never playing that again.

I suggest that we eat dinner and offer up one of the three things I know how to cook. They are uninterested (and I don’t even blame them).

I try to play the “cool babysitter” card and just ask if they would all be cool with ice cream for dinner. This goes over better.

After dinner, they all want to play different board games, so we have to invent the world’s most confusing hybrid. They seem to get the rules, but I am so lost.

Apparently there is a breach in the rules of Battleship + Life + Mouse Trap (what I’ve named it), and a fight soon breaks loose.

Once everyone has calmed down, I pop in a movie for us all. When it’s over, I tell them it’s time for bed. I get a chorus of “5 more minutes? PLEASE?!”

How can I say no to that?! I agree, but then I get asked “5 more minutes?” every 5 minutes for the next half hour. Still, I am powerless to their requests!

It’s now super late when we hear their parents at the front door. Ugh, I’m going to get in trouble for letting them stay up, but they sprint to bed before their parents walk in.

Guess those kids have my back after all! And I feel even more awesome when their parents hand me my babysitting payment.

So there were a few little obstacles, but I’d say this was an overall babysitting success. Here’s to hoping I get as lucky next time!

Do you babysit often? What advice do you have for other babysitters out there? Tell me in the comments!

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