What In The World Is Google Glass?

Rumors about Google glasses popped up last year, and people seemed pretty pumped about them. It appeared to be just a futuristic idea though. Well they really exist now.

What exactly is Google Glass? It basically allows you to do everything that you do on your smartphone completely hands-free. The device is a glasses frame without lenses that has a little projector on one side. There’s a tiny window that displays things like messages or whatever you tell it to pull up.

You can tell Glass to take a picture, record a video, call Mom, get directions and whatever else you can think of. Google released this video on how Glass works today:

I think this is a cool idea, but it is a little strange. We’re already so connected to technology, and I feel like this may be a step too far. Do we really need our Facebook timelines and email inboxes right in our eyeballs? I don’t think so.

I saw a Glass tester on the subway a few weeks ago, and it was probably one of the creepiest things I’ve seen. I noticed her after two large men with jumbo-sized Kraft parmesan cheese containers in their backpacks exited the train. First I saw a girl with glasses. Then I realized she was making a scrolling motion on the side of them.google glasses

I grabbed my friend and said, “Omg! She has Google glasses!” I watched in fascination as this girl sat there scrolling through something on her glasses and laughing to herself. It was absolutely bizarre.

If everyone had them, it would obviously be normal. But I don’t think everyone is willing to pay out the $1,500 price tag for these puppies. And I really can’t shake the idea of having everything just displayed in my eyes like that. I’ll stick to my iPhone for now.

Have you heard of Google Glass? What do you think about it? Would you get them? Tell me in the comments!

What if you told it to text in your sleep?!

Tell me in the comments!

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    It would be a little strange at first but I would love a pair especially on vacation. All new technology was a little strange at first and someone must have said “Who needs that?” My mom said that’s what people thought about cellphones. Now, can you image life without cellphones? I can’t.