Get Ready For The Real Life Hunger Games!

Hunger Games the hunt

The Hunt is like The Hunger Games, without all the dead people. | Source: WENN

Get ready to get your Katniss Everdeen on–a real life version of The Hunger Games is going down!

A new TV show called The Hunt is inspired by The Hunger Games, but thankfully you won’t have to kill anyone if you’re selected. You will, however, have to capture them.

Here’s the skinny: Participants in the show will be left in the wilderness with no food, water nor shelter (this means I’d be totally toast because I loves me some indoor plumbing and cookies). There will be teams who have to capture one another, and whichever team survives without being caught wins.

Another difference from The Hunger Games? The Hunt doesn’t use children or teens like the horrific kill-or-be-killed fictional competition. Instead, the teams will be comprised of pairs between 18 and 35 years old who need a “compelling backstory” to be chosen and compete for the big cash prize at the end. That means sob stories and drama–and good TV.

The Hunt is already facing criticism though, because The Hunger Games was sort of based on a satire of the brutality and banality of reality TV. Think of this show, which will air on The CW this summer, as Survivor with teams–or as the creators put it, “a steroid-infused game of hide-and -seek.”

Let’s just hope there’s no ‘roid rage.

Would you participate in a show like The Hunt? Do you think The Hunger Games and The Hunt will have a decent amount in common? Would you watch The Hunt just to compare it to The Hunger Games? Tell us in the comments!

What would Jennifer Lawrence do?

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