Quiz: Are You A Suck Up?


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We’ve all met “that girl” or “that guy” at least once. You know what we’re talking about – the kid who sits in the front row of every single class, raises their hand to answer every single question and compliments the teacher even when it doesn’t make any sense. Or, even worse, they follow a friend around like a puppy dog, doing whatever they’re asked to do and showering them with nice words.

We’re not trying to make fun of suck ups, but let’s be real: it can get pretty annoying to witness. Sure, everyone likes being helped out and complimented, but they also want those things to come from a genuine place. Otherwise it can seem like you’re using people for selfish gains and once they realize that? Well, all that sucking up will likely backfire. Wondering if you’ve become a suck up without even realizing it? Take our quiz to find out!



Have you ever been accused of acting like a suck up? What do you think is the difference between sucking up and helping someone out? Tell us in the comments!

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