8 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants To Break Up With You

I recently read some research that states that most people in long-term relationships think about breaking up for a really long time before they actually go through with it. Eek. I have to admit, this kind of freaked me out. Who wants to date someone who’s secretly considering ending things? Um, no one, that’s who.

If you’re worried that your boyfriend (or girlfriend) may be feeling this way and is just unwilling to end the relationship, I’ve put together some things you should be looking out for. While I don’t want you girls getting crazy over this list (if one thing applies to your BF, please don’t assume it’s over), it’s important to realize that there are some tell-tale signs to watch for if you’re worried about your relationship ending. Take a look at these 8 signs that your boyfriend may want to break up with you. Then, please, talk to him.

Disclaimer: I don’t know your boyfriend. I don’t know if he wants to break up with you. The only way you’re ever going to know for sure if he wants to break up is if you talk to him about things honestly. Please don’t read this and automatically assume your boyfriend wants to end things.

Do any of these warning signs seem familiar to you? What would you do if you thought your boyfriend was going to break up with you? Tell me in the comments. 


How to handle your first breakup

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  1. avatarSara says:

    My boyfriend and I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years.A year back I broke up with him and it was the longest time we stayed away from each other. During that time he got a new gf and she is prettier than me. At the end of the year he broke up with her and we came back but now that we’re back he never says hi himself. I am always the one to do so. Even after I do it he doesn’t talk about anything else and when I try talking and don’t make sense he calls me immature. He ignores me most of the times. He still talks to his ex eventhough I stopped him. He talks to me as if fullfilling a formality. I feel so left out. She is still his first priority. I am sick and tired of reading love blogs to make a special place in his heart again. Help, please?: :(

  2. avatarReen says:

    My boyfriend and i have almost been dating a year now (in 6 days its are one year) and he does (is) 1,2,4,5. Is this bad? Im really scared and i dont want to loose him. He is my everything! We broke up before and got back together, he is acting like how hes been acting when we broke up last time. I dont want this to be the end, help?

  3. avatarsadfiya says:

    I hate my bf i wana break dis relation bt how

  4. avatarZelle says:

    I have known my fiance for nearly 4 years and we have been engaged for nearly 2. I’m getting all these warning signals and I REALLY still love him and want to be with him but it’s like I know inside it’s not going to last much longer.
    The realisation I know this came today, when I hadn’t heard from him for a week (we live apart for work). One of his mates, who I don’t know, called to say my fiance had been out drinking with them and was still passed out so wouldn’t be able to make it to my birthday. Is it too much to ask to spend one evening with him? That he had promised ages ago? On my birthday?
    I feel like I would do anything, drop anything, go anywhere for him. Now I’m stopping myself from leaving him. I love him and I hate him. I don’t know what to do.

  5. avatarC.Kea says:

    most of all the warning signs are right. it’s almost been about 2 years, he and I has been together. Our anniversary is in April. had a talk with him and all he told me what he want happy with me, well he isn’t happy being with me. everything made sense to me after thinking about it, he gave me hints…. he lost all feelings for me, he’s bored of me and admitted that I’m not what his heart desires. he doesn’t love me the way he does… It hurts but I’m just hanging in there. we haven’t broken up yet, but we’re still together and we both have a son together. We both live seperately. He’s not as affectionate as he as before, he doesn’t kiss me anymore, he doesn’t tell me he loves me. he doesn’t make eye contact with me and he deleted all of our pics we took together off Facebook and Instagrm. there nothing I can do, nothing can’t be fixed. But all I can do is focus on myself… but I don’t really know what’s going through his mind… I just hope everything will turn out fine at the end. He seems confused, I mean I don’t want to be indenial and be blind by love. it’s hurting he both of he everyday and whenever I want to speak to him, he doesn’t want to talk about “idk, I don’t want to talk about it, when I’m ready to speak then I will.” That’s what he says… I hope things will work out fine for us :(

  6. avatarjust a silly girl says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been dating now for nearly 8 months due to family problems I’ve had to move in with him and his mum, I’ve been living with him for over 5 months and I’m constantly ill because I’m constantly stressed I love my boyfriend he keeps me together when I’m at my weakest but I’m scared I don’t have a future with him because his mum is controlling and very jealous of me – like for example if I’m here and we want some alone time upstairs and we go upstairs to watch a film it takes 5 minutes then she’s shouting up the stairs saying to him “you hate mumma, you don’t want to spend any time with mumma” its the same if we go out, we can’t go anywhere without being moaned at the only time we can go out is if we are doing something for her and the only time we get alone time is past 11pm until 7am from the time they go bed until the time they wake up. I’m worried will I ever get a future with him? Is this relationship going anywhere ? I don’t know what to do because he won’t say no to his mum and he will never do anything he knows will upset her. I’m second best. Advice?

    • avatarkelly says:

      I got same situation as you so i know how you feel. The only hope is you guys move out as far as
      you can. i think your case even worst because u live with his mom at the same house so u have to deal with her 24/7 :((( i see my bf abt 4 time a week and she always ask him to do that to do that and she yell at him every time i was there u should go sleep kinda late son that’s mean she want me to leave the house. well if you love ur bf then u need to deal with those annoying crap!!!!!

  7. avatarsofia says:

    all the detailed match above match wid my relation. but he always has reasons to justify it
    is it a thing to wrry??

  8. avatarJanet says:

    My fiance and i have been dating for almost 2 years now. He’s incarcerated and is about 5 hours away. We haven’t met in person yet but i hope it’s soon.. We’ve talked about the future, but before he’s told me he didn’t want kids because he didn’t want to follow his fathers bloodline cause his dad use to lay hands on his mom i was a lil sad cause i do want one child with him i have one with another guy but i love my fiance so i told him ok that if he didn’t want any kids it was fine. So not long ago he said that so like a day or 2later her tells me he changed his mind and he would like to have alot of kids with me that he’s in love, i was happy when he told me that but i do not want alot. So this wasn’t long ago that he said that then he tells me that he’s giving me too much warnings that i need to graduate this time if not that’s it that he loves me and all but he’s looking for someone who’s willing to go hard for what they want.. I need advice.. Help me please.

    • avatarnope says:

      He’s not your fiancé and you are not in a relationship. You are too stupid to have a child. Please don’t ruin the world by having a baby with a convict dad and an idiotic delusional mother.

  9. avatarastrid says:

    Hi so my bf and I have been a couple for roughly 7 months, friends for a few years, he isn’t well versed in relationships, 2 major and I am 3, I have double the experience and am 8 years older with a 4 year old son. Being friends for years he was well aware of everything and after dating for a couple months, I had us have a long in depth talk about our future, what we each wanted personally and our future together…. we were on the same page. About 2 months ago he started withdrawing, not as responsive to texts,and basically if I made the effort to see him, we did, otherwise, he doesn’t go out of his way to see me. This coast weekend we were talking and he offered up what his future was going to hold and he made the statement he wanted to be my son’s friend, that’s a. My son is 4, I don’t necessarily need a father for him and that’s not my intention but I am still upset about the comment. I definitely believe I need to break it off even tho I am in love. My problem is his birthday is at the end of the month andthe plan made months ago was me paying for a trip. It’s a month away and I don’t want to go. I know im wasting my time and I don’t want him still with me because of this trip. Our lives intertwine and I’m stuck. Any advice please?? Do I break it off before or after the trip?

    • avatarMat Dee says:

      I think that you can see that things are starting to take a turn that you weren’t expecting. If things aren’t going well, then taking the trip is not a good idea. You could still go with someone else: a good girlfriend, for example. But it won’t resolve anything to take a trip with this guy. If he’s ready to be single again, than he might make you feel lonely by engaging in ‘single’ man behaviour while on the trip, or other types of behaviour that will make you regret going. If the breakup seems imminent, it would be best to be proactive and ‘flip the script’, that is: start restructuring your schedule and activities to not include this man, get yourself busy so that you will not be iddling when the breakup happens. If you are honest with yourself, then you already know what it is you want and whether or not he’s going to be the ieal man to get it done with. You need to trust your gut on this one, and it already seems like you know somethings up.

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