Is Your Hair Dye Causing Cancer?

British scientists are warning that some of the chemicals in hair dyes could cause cancer. Eek!! I’m a little freaked out, you guys.

The first time I dyed my hair, I was about fourteen and got some pretty hideous blonde highlights in my dark brown hair. I looked like Tony the Tiger. It wasn’t cute so I dyed it back to dark brown a few weeks later.

Since then, I’ve dyed my hair countless times. I get bored very easily and rarely have the nerve to chop it off so I switch colors. I’m currently rocking the ombre trend, which I absolutely love. I’ve always reached for dye without a second thought.

The scientists are saying that “chemicals in permanent hair dyes can react with tobacco smoke and other pollutants in the air to form one of the most powerful cancer-causing compounds known to man.” That sounds really ominous, but to me that’s like saying “Lipstick when combined with air pollutants causes cancer.” Like, if you combine anything with something toxic, it could cause cancer.

According to the study, secondary amines are components of all hair dyes and can stay in your hair and skin for a very long time. They could eventually react with fumes and tobacco smoke to form N-nitrosamines, which are known to cause cancer.

I admit this really made me nervous when I was reading it, but this is just one study. It doesn’t link out to research and says the scientists are writing in a “respected scientific journal,” which tells me absolutely nothing.

So I don’t want you to freak out like I did for a hot minute, I think our hair dye is just fine. Just remember to use caution when dying your hair and always do a skin test to see how you’ll react.

Do you dye your hair? Are you nervous about hair dye? What do you think about this study? Tell me in the comments!

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  • feminazi

    I’m super reassured because you think that everything is just fine.

    Yeah. I think I’ll let science be the judge of that. Not wishful thinking.

  • Kaitlin Adams

    I dye my hair a lot. I also get really bored easily, and my parents refuse to let me chop off my hair, so I dye it at least once every month or so, a new color every time. I’ve been from blonde (my natural hair color–or somewhat natural, I think it’s changed to light brown now.), brown, black, colored streaks, and now blue. And the blue looks really weird now, kind of a yellowish blue, and that’s so not pretty…But man, if the study is true, I am in a lot of trouble.