I Don’t Really Wear Makeup


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I totally think that makeup is a kind of art, and like any art, it takes time to get it the way you want it. In fact, a recent British survey found that the average woman spends about a year and three months of her life applying makeup. That breaks down to more than three hours each week.

Well, I definitely haven’t racked up that many hours in front of my bathroom mirror because I basically never wear makeup. I don’t even mean that in like a braggy way, like I have a flawless face.

Nope, it’s more that I just never got really into it or fully learned how to do it. As a result, I rarely motivate myself to put it on. I could so be that woman who gave up wearing makeup for a year.

Here is a typical morning for you: I intend to wake up at 7:30. I sleep through my eight alarms (do not judge because clearly I need them) and wake up at 8:15. I take a quick shower, grab my bag and have to dash off to the train. I basically have no time to do anything.

As long as I have lip balm and remember to moisturize my face, I usually feel like I’ve maxed out my beauty regimen. I wouldn’t say that I absolutely never wear makeup though because maybe once a week I’ll quickly swipe on mascara or eyeliner before work. I’m just awful at taking it off at night, and I have super sensitive eyes (it’s a terrible combination). Remembering this often deters me from ever putting it on to begin with.

I’m not really sure why I never got all that into makeup. My mom didn’t have strict rules about wearing makeup or anything. I think because I always went from school to practice, I was like “Ehhh, what’s the point?” In addition, I think I just didn’t want to mess up my application with my trademark impatience, so I figured I’d just forgo the whole thing.

Well, it carried over into my adulthood where I continue to not wear it regularly. And I own it! My mom buys me nice stuff! I feel bad that it’s all jumbled in a bag that makes it out really only for special occasions. In a way though, it makes it more fun when I do decide to wear it. But as far as ditching makeup for my everyday life? It’s just easier, and since I like how I look without makeup, I figure, “Why not?

So based on those survey results, does me not wearing makeup mean that I somehow have a year up on life than those of you who do? Probably not, as I’m sure I have squandered away any extra hours sleeping (or let’s be honest, staying up too late watching TV and then sleeping). Actually, I’m not sure if the survey counted this as makeup, but I do love painting my nails since that’s one beauty investment that will last multiple days (without an eye infection) so there’s a good chance I’ve made up some of that makeup time.

I guess I just never really got into wearing makeup and that’s okay. I have a lot of friends who do, and they look gorgeous when they wear makeup or don’t wear makeup. I’m even a little jealous at some of the creative things they can do with it. Still, I just don’t think I’ll ever be someone who really wears makeup that often and I’m totally cool with that.

How often do you wear makeup? Do you think you spend more than three hours a week doing your makeup? How do you streamline your makeup routine? Tell me in the comments.


The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Makeup (a.k.a. how I do my makeup)

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  • Ava Hemsley

    Nothing really. I moisturize and that is about it. I just hate seeing people at school who wear hideously obvious makeup and you can see the spots under their foundation. I have a few spots but just washing regularly keeps the worst away. Anyway, why would you paint your face the same colour as your skin. My only exeption is my friend who has blond eye lashes because she hates not having dark eyelashes like most people. But i guess face paint can be fun! ;D

  • Lilo

    I’m so lazy to put on make up. Do you guys think its a good idea to put on permanent makeup?

  • Kigome

    i neva touch it eva except halloween last yr to mark on my face Im so uncomfy wearing makeup it maks me squirm a friend did my eyes one time i was grossed out bc it was her stuff (bacteria) and i was freakin out inside im going to b a bridesmaid in my cuzins wedding n i dont wanna wear it. it drives me cray wen i c ppl applyin it in bathrooms i only do my nails right now theyr blue n yellow my toes r dark green purple n white the more wild the betta yay us!!!

  • random_megs

    I hardly wear makeup, although when I get bored I sit there putting it on then just wash it off straight away.

  • chubbunnyy

    I wear make up everyday with a touch of eyeliner and some mascara, but I would never spend over 3 hours a week on make up. I don’t have that much spare time. My make up routine is like eyeliner, mascara, the concealer on my dark circles (I study wayyy too much!)
    But I still believe that all girls look prettiest without make up. Even though everyone wears it. :))

  • Palasha

    I thought I was the only one here! I hate doing makeup for college coz ain’t nobody got time for that! But my roommates who also happen to be my batchmates put concealer,powder, lipbalm, mascara, eyeliner and go to college. without that they wont step out. I dont see the point. We sometimes become late because of this. Even my other friends and batchmates. Everyday they put it. I hate putting it because I have extremely sensitive skin and it takes time to remove it off! I mean makeup’s cool but its time-consuming. Besides au naturale is the IN right now 😀 😛

  • Amy

    I’ve always loved messing with make up, when I was younger and wasn’t allowed to wear any I’d use markers and pretend it was makeup, that I put it on right, and that I looked good.I’m an artist so I love to make things pretty colorful and good, the thought of making my face…or any other part colorful was a dream come true. Than I went through the faze of being a tom-boy. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself so basically I stuck to the shadows and became a loner. I did boyish things because I was tired of hearing that I was just a ”girl”. Then I grew up into a 13 year old girl, I started liking makeup, shoes, boys and looking pretty. I like looking my best, cause lets face it I look horrible in the morning. But I agree, sometimes I don’t care or want to and just go natural. It feels good just being yourself.<3