Sexy Sex with Shallon: Should I Say “I Love You” First?

should i say i love you first

Okay, so remember how I asked you guys to help me out with V-Day gift ideas for my boyfriend? Well, um, Valentine’s Day? PERFECTION. It was like something out of a Kiera Knightley movie–but the happy ones, not Anna Karenina or anything. Why was it so perfectly perfect? For one, I have the most thoughtful boyfriend in American history. He got me a bracelet from Tiffany’s with an XO, since 1) I write for Gossip Girl 2) it’s my Twitter handle and 3) My second book was called Exes and Ohs. HOW THOUGHTFUL IS THAT?

And, since I’m allergic to flowers like a doofus, he had a local artist make me a bronze rose with our initials engraved on the leaf. ?!?! I can’t even. Either he is Prince Charming or he’s a complete serial killer and I just can’t read the signs. Whatever the case may be, for now I’m really happy 🙂

And while the (slim) majority of y’all voted for me to give him the whipped cream bikini, I’m glad I didn’t listen and got him the fitness starter kit. I would’ve felt really awkward if he had whipped out all of these magical gifts and I’d been sitting there like “HUR DUR here’s some Redi-Whip!”

But that’s not all darlings– he also surprised me with the most amazing thing ever: we are going to JAMAICA! I know this post has like 100 words in all-caps but I can’t help it because I’m so in love!

Speaking of…when am I allowed to say “I love you” to B? I know, I know–I’m allowed to do anything, but I’m old-fashioned – I really believe a guy should say it first. Otherwise, I’d always wonder if he only said it back because he felt awkward or obligated.

photo 2

My adorable bronze rose!

But if you feel it, shouldn’t you say it? Just like Ross told Rachel on Friends: “I mean…everyone likes to hear ‘I love you’!”

Ugh, I’m so confused. In love and confused. In love, confused and smitten with my new bracelet 😀

So what would you Gurls do in my position – tell B that I’m head-over-heels or wait until he says it? Do you think I should let it slip while we’re in Jamaica? Is there a certain amount of time you make yourself wait before saying ILY to a boy? Help me out here, girls!


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  • Marie

    Like you said, you’re allowed to do anything. But if saying it first makes you uncomfortable, what’s the rush? There are more ways to convey love than those tree pesky words. Show you care about him, even love him, through your actions. They do, after all, speak louder than words. But if t slips out anyways, no big deal. It’s not a crime to say it first, just your preference.