10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Got Bangs

Right now, everyone from Michelle Obama to Amy Poehler is sporting bangs. Know who else is? Yours truly (photo proof). Yup, I got bangs back around Thanksgiving when I decided that I wanted to adopt more of a “Taylor Swift in the big city” style. As far as my bangs history, I had them for a while in college, then grew my hair back out before this latest cut.

I love my bangs, but they also do take some effort to keep them looking as fabulous as they did the day I got them at the salon. Over the years I’ve learned (and okay, forgot and then re-learned) some golden rules of bangs care. Here are the things that I not only wish I had known before I got my bangs, but also a few tips and tricks I learned along the way that has made rocking bangs a blast:

Do you have bangs? What do you love about them? What about your bangs can sometimes be frustrating? What tips would you give to a friend who was looking to get bangs? Tell us in the comments!


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  • clare

    I have shaggy side swept fringe bangs that I have cut myself for two years. In this article, I think its directed toward more easy going bangs and not spiky hard to handle in your eyes bangs.
    Here’s my personal advice for my bang type;
    1) hairspray. When I get ready in the morning I throw my bangs in my face and position them correctly and spray it a few times. Set for all day!
    2) outline bangs when hair is wet after cleaning. Put them in your face and connect bobby pins so the swoop part is good. It’ll dry soo much easier.
    3) some days are just too crazy to have bangs in your eyes. When its like this, put a bobby pin in your hair to keep them up or spray the bangs when in the position with hairspray to give them a different look.
    4) always clean your forehead!!!!!! gahh! Bumps all over your forehead kind of sucks!

  • sophia

    lool! that is so true, i got bangs last month and my haircut all of, it was a great decision but it requires a lot of work! it id fab but i now spend so much time blow dryibg and bobby pinnning! but i find to grow it out as i have had a love hate relationship with them i suppose, but gurls, if u get bangs get dry shampoo and bother to wash and blow dry it, it will make a huge difference, x 🙂

  • Louisa

    The growing out phase is difficult and long. The nuisance of having your hair in your eyes all the time is serious. It isn’t good for your skin. There are challenges to using night creams or almost any substance on your face because your bangs will get stuck in it and pick up the oils from your makeup, etc. They have to be trimmed all the time, like every couple of weeks and you may say you won’t take scissors to them yourself, but you WILL and it will show. If your hair is fine, the bangs will suck a lot of volume out of your overall head of hair.

    If you really must do it, invest in a lot of headbands and hair clips. You’ll need them. I wore bangs for many, many years and have finally grown them out (not as easy as it sounds). I’ll never have bangs again. But if you want to try it, it’s only hair after all!

  • Taylor

    I have had bangs on and off throughout my life, and I know exactly what it feels like to have a love/hate relationship with them. Therefore, I have one thing to add to this list: If you are an avid sports-player like myself, I would seriously consider NOT getting them if I were you, or at least until the season is over. This includes if you have gym class or like to play sports during your break or anything. Because it seems like when you need to get them out of your face the most (i.e. while playing sports), that’s when they’re gonna start bein’ stubborn on you and they won’t stay in place. And nothing is worse than trying to make them at least decent after gym class, all in a panic to get to your next class. Just sayin’