What Do You Dreams About Your Ex Boyfriend Really Mean?

Some dreams can be so perfect (like that one I had about hanging with Ryan Gosling – everything was amazing until I WOKE UP), while others can be so creepy and uncomfortable. One of the worst dreams to have ever? Besides those horribly sad dreams that make you wake up with tears in your eyes, I think we can all agree that dreaming about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in any way pretty much sucks.

What does dreaming about your ex even mean? Does it mean that you miss him and want to get back together – even if you don’t feel like you miss him in real life? Does it mean you two have some sort of unfinished business? Does it mean that you seriously hate him but are kind of obsessed about it? Or does it just mean that at some point during the day, the thought of him popped up… then appeared in your sub-conscious later on?

I know I’ve wondered about these things myself. A few weeks ago, I was innocently sleeping when my ex from a long time ago appeared in my dream. It was too weird – and it also made me think a lot. I couldn’t help but wonder where that dream came from. I’m sure I’m not alone, because we all have the occasional confusing dream about our exes. So, awesome news, we finally got some answers.

HuffPost Live recently posted a video about the meaning of dreams – in particular, the meaning of your dreams about your ex. And what they said left me, um, kind of surprised. According to celebrity dream decoder (side note: didn’t know this was a job, now I want it) Lauren Lawrence, dreaming about your ex means that something is missing in your current relationship.

Lauren says, “Basically, it doesn’t have to be the ex. It could be some qualities in him that the person liked and maybe they’re not satisfied with their current partner or boyfriend, and then they will dream of someone they used to have because there are certain things that are missing in the relationship.”

So what she’s basically saying is that dreams about your ex don’t necessarily mean you miss your ex – they mean you miss certain things about your old relationship that you don’t really have in your new relationship. She goes on to say that “relationship dreams reveal things that you need to know” about your current relationship.

Am I buying this? Ehhhh. Not really. I guess I believe in dream interpretation to an extent, but I have to say I can’t fully believe in it. I think sometimes a dream is just a dream, without any deeper meaning. Does dreaming about your ex, even if he was totally, 100 percent awful, always mean that you’re missing something from that relationship? Maybe sometimes, but I wouldn’t say always. Does this mean you should be feeling guilty if you dream about an ex? No! We can’t control what we dream about… although if we could, that would be seriously awesome.

And do I think that relationship dreams reveal things you need to know about your current relationship? Maybe. It’s totally possible for our deepest worries and desires to come out in a dream. But that doesn’t mean you should always take them seriously. Like I said, sometimes a dream is just a dream.

But if you’re really into this stuff, check out the rest of the video – Lauren doesn’t just touch on relationship dreams, she talks about a lot of other dream meanings also. Watch it:


Do you think all dreams have a deeper meaning? When was the last time you had a relationship dream? Do you ever dream about your ex? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatarBecca says:

    I had a dream about my ex boyfriend, that we met on a train and he looked so happy to see me and we hugged and we walked home together?

  2. avatarShacoria says:

    I Had A Dream About My Ex Boyfriend And For Sone Reason I Was Playing Basketball In My Dream. Every Moment Whenever I Looked Around He Was Staring At Me And He Liked Me. And In Real Life He Be Staring At Me But He Is So Mean . I Don’t Get Why Would I Have A Dream About Some One Who Hates Me So Much

  3. avatarreema says:

    i dreamed about my ex almost everyday. we are sweet in my dream.. we both know that we have our own relationships..

  4. avatarreema says:

    i dreamed about my ex, as though we are ok.. but we know in that dream that we have our own relationships.

  5. avatarJhossa says:

    I had a dream with my ex he said he didnt love me at all! I was very hurt and i woke up crying and not able to focus on my job wholeday! My dream about him is haunting me..we broke up last october. When i started dreaming about him it seems that i miss him more and want him back! I feel so confused.. Dont know what to do.

    • avatarHK says:

      Hi, I have exactly the same thing my fiancée broke up with me in November after 6 years together. I dreamt came back last night confessing im the one for a moment was happy fell back asleep and dreamt of texts between and the person he is due to marry in April saying in love and I wake up crying and sick. My initial reaction was to get up and call and scream at him but I stopped myself. Instead I just cried. Your not alone in your hurt and confusion. I haven’t any magical answers yet…

  6. avatarJhossa says:

    I had a dream with my ex he said he didnt love me at all! I was very hurt and i woke up crying and not able to focus on my job wholeday! My dream about him is haunting me..we broke up last october. When i started dreaming about him it seems that i miss him more and want him back! I feel so confused.. Dont know what to do.

  7. avatarLana says:

    I was engaged with invitations out for the wedding. We found out things about him and Mother went to his parents home and confronted him and the ring was returned. His parents had to call their side of the family and we did our side to alert the wedding was off. All gifts were returned. For 30 years on and off I dreamt of him. Then the dreams stopped about 5 years ago. I wondered why….I learned he had died 5 years ago. This is why the dreams have stopped. Weird……

  8. avatargladys jasat says:

    Hey I mostly dream of me and my ex kissing. The other day I dreamt he appered in my dreams and was complaining to say the girlfriend he has at the moment has bad atitude and the other day I dreamt we kissed then he told me to go home because the ex was coming back from her journey. And recently I dreamt I found a missed call from him I don’t really know what these dreams mean they are confusing.

  9. avatarJasmine says:

    I was with my ex for almost five years and we broke up three years ago but I am still having dreams about him, almost every night. It really pisses me off because I really should be over him by now. I even have a kid and a wonderful boyfriend I feel like I have moved on but some nights he is in my dreams and I feel like I still love him. But I possibly couldn’t?!

  10. avatarValerie says:

    I dream about my ex boyfriend almost every night, really trying to move on though

  11. avatarJennifer says:

    I have been having dreams of diferant past love relationships. Last dream was about my first love from high school that later died. He was around me in a positive way and then all the sudden we were at a gathering outside and he tells me how he likes things about his old girlfriend whom was responcible for our past breakup, being that she was better at such in such. I was hurt in this dream and my x husband was also in the dream but seemed more like a casual friend. I’m happily married now but just don’t understand why I’d dream about a high school lover who died in his 40s after going through a diverse from the girl who he cheated on me with in high school. What does this mean?

  12. avatarsal says:

    My bf just walked out my life a few days ago I keep trying to talk to him to work our relationship out but his family doesn’t want him talk to me. In my dreams I dreamed I had fight his sister for his love winner keeps him I won when I dropped kicked her n she passed out. After DAT as I’m trying to put him in blazer a drive by shooting occurs. N then sisters. Comes after me n my best friend n her get physical fight for her to leave me alone nn then I wake up

  13. avatarnelly says:

    Had a dream of my ex twice in a month then see him at a bbal game today seemed like he wanted to say something bu my HUSBAND WAS THERE LOLILI. HE”s an ex for a.reason.

  14. avatarSamantha says:

    I’ve dreamt about my ex twice now, 1st we were being intimate and it was so passionate and then last night I dream that we were just talking well he was doing most of the talking telling me how much he misses and it scares him to think that there might be someone else in my life??? Now I walk around really missigng him after I broke up with him (was the best disicion under the circumstances) and I want to phone him but I know I cant :(

  15. avatarM.Y says:

    I dream of being by his place. Dream of seeing him with his current partner. Does this really mean anything. He means nothing to me & wouldnt go back to him for anything.

    • avatarS.BB says:

      I just had that dream last night as you had and it’s really creeping me out. We were together for 5 years and lived together for over 3 years.

      I dreamt that I was at our old apartment and his current girlfriend was also there. I even spoke to her. That was so awkward!!! I literally woke up from that dream in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep since. I mean I am over my ex since I entered a new relationship and he’s the best thing I have ever had. But I don’t get why I dreamt about him. Before when we were in a relationship, I dreamt about his ex before me after seeing some pictures of them two together. It’s crazy! I really don’t like this kind of dreams!!!

  16. avatarcrazyb says:

    I have been having weird dreams. I have sleep apnea too. One I recently had was an ex from a yr ago an I finally started to get over him even tho I dated a couole other pol after I Know im in love w him. He shows up in my dream telling me he loves me an misses me. I start crying telling him how miserable I was. Then the ither 2 exes show up an the dream starts blurring. I know they start fighting but I cant rem anymore and I wake up. I also have a realistic feeling of being tapped or pushed on the shoulder then I jump as if im falling and wake up panicky. .. I Wish I knew what this meant :/ I miss my ex an still love the other 2 but they all have had some kind of trust issue or jealousy an one was legal stuff so idk.

  17. avatarMegan K says:

    I keep having strange dreams. Only one that recurs as far as i can remember. I had a dream last night about a family friend that I’ve known forever. It was a strange almost sexual dream but it did not lead to sex. I have had another dream about having lice. This dream recurs frequently. Most of the time in these dreams i find the lice on my head in my hair, but a few nights ago i had a dream of looking over at my dog and seeing a few on him. After i saw the lice i don’t remember what happened. Another dream that puzzles me is about my ex boyfriends best friend. In the dream he pushed me up against a wall and tried kissing me. After i said “no i’m taken” he replied “good girl” and then i woke up.

  18. avatarmarlise says:

    i had a dream of my ex boyfriend giving me a present

  19. avatarDell says:

    My dream about my ex is always the same. In this dream my ex is dating my sister and I’m always crying and fighting my sister and telling her you know how much I love him. Have two other sisters they are in the dreams at different times. Reassuring that what she is doing is wrong. I have been having this same dream for months. I wake up crying

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