What Do You Dreams About Your Ex Boyfriend Really Mean?

Some dreams can be so perfect (like that one I had about hanging with Ryan Gosling – everything was amazing until I WOKE UP), while others can be so creepy and uncomfortable. One of the worst dreams to have ever? Besides those horribly sad dreams that make you wake up with tears in your eyes, I think we can all agree that dreaming about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in any way pretty much sucks.

What does dreaming about your ex even mean? Does it mean that you miss him and want to get back together – even if you don’t feel like you miss him in real life? Does it mean you two have some sort of unfinished business? Does it mean that you seriously hate him but are kind of obsessed about it? Or does it just mean that at some point during the day, the thought of him popped up… then appeared in your sub-conscious later on?

I know I’ve wondered about these things myself. A few weeks ago, I was innocently sleeping when my ex from a long time ago appeared in my dream. It was too weird – and it also made me think a lot. I couldn’t help but wonder where that dream came from. I’m sure I’m not alone, because we all have the occasional confusing dream about our exes. So, awesome news, we finally got some answers.

HuffPost Live recently posted a video about the meaning of dreams – in particular, the meaning of your dreams about your ex. And what they said left me, um, kind of surprised. According to celebrity dream decoder (side note: didn’t know this was a job, now I want it) Lauren Lawrence, dreaming about your ex means that something is missing in your current relationship.

Lauren says, “Basically, it doesn’t have to be the ex. It could be some qualities in him that the person liked and maybe they’re not satisfied with their current partner or boyfriend, and then they will dream of someone they used to have because there are certain things that are missing in the relationship.”

So what she’s basically saying is that dreams about your ex don’t necessarily mean you miss your ex – they mean you miss certain things about your old relationship that you don’t really have in your new relationship. She goes on to say that “relationship dreams reveal things that you need to know” about your current relationship.

Am I buying this? Ehhhh. Not really. I guess I believe in dream interpretation to an extent, but I have to say I can’t fully believe in it. I think sometimes a dream is just a dream, without any deeper meaning. Does dreaming about your ex, even if he was totally, 100 percent awful, always mean that you’re missing something from that relationship? Maybe sometimes, but I wouldn’t say always. Does this mean you should be feeling guilty if you dream about an ex? No! We can’t control what we dream about… although if we could, that would be seriously awesome.

And do I think that relationship dreams reveal things you need to know about your current relationship? Maybe. It’s totally possible for our deepest worries and desires to come out in a dream. But that doesn’t mean you should always take them seriously. Like I said, sometimes a dream is just a dream.

But if you’re really into this stuff, check out the rest of the video – Lauren doesn’t just touch on relationship dreams, she talks about a lot of other dream meanings also. Watch it:


Do you think all dreams have a deeper meaning? When was the last time you had a relationship dream? Do you ever dream about your ex? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Maria

    My dream was a bit weird I have a boyfriend at this point on time and I had a dream about my ex when I’m sleeping next to my boyfriend but like I was saying my dream involved 2 of my ex’s one was an abuser but in my dream he was so kind and sweet and he said he wanted to get back together and my other ex was a gangster well a wanna be one but I was saying he was a chill person but in my dream he was still chill that he got out of jail and he came to see me before he saw anyone else. And my boyfriend was in the dream too. But he was ignoring me . Which was weird but I just want to know what’s going on there..

  • Koco Koffi

    I have been dreaming about my ex-boyfriend since the beginning of the week.

  • Jezka Ochoa

    I had a dream about a guy I dated as a freshman in high school, I never saw him again after that year. In my dream it was a school setting and we were given a cake in partners mine was a Radom partner and his partner I assume that it was his wife. He did not make eye contact even though in the dream I tried to get him to notice me. He ended up offering me cake and I said no. But then I saw him eatting with his hands and I got up to get him a fork, as I give it to him I wake up….

  • Dana

    Today is my birthday and yesterday at work I fell asleep and dreamt about my ex my .firest love. He was just staring at me and than he gave me some money for my birthday than I left him setting there and when I came back he was gone but he left his wallet and someone said that he left it because he was coming back but the wallet wad empty all it had was some pictures of my kids in it

  • darkangel

    I’ve been dreaming alot about my ex, in pretty much every dream he is trying to get back together and we normally end up doing things but in the real world i’m with someone else and have been for about a year now and i no longer want to be with him. also me and my ex share a kid together. In real life i can’t stand the guy, i wish i knew how to stop dreaming about him….. any advice out there?

  • unknown

    I dream about my ex is kissing and saying he loves me. What is that means?

  • Lala

    I had a dream last night that me and me ex boyfriend who left me month ago ..and i want him really really bad get together

  • Barbara konadu

    I always dream about my ex and I coming back again

  • Shazalia hussain

    I dream about my ex lastnight I was on the bus with my family as I was walking to get a seat my ex was sat there staring at me what does that mean ?

  • Tiffany

    I am single. And I dreamed about my ex that I have dated a very long time ago like 15years. And I have had conversation with him before. But in the dream I say him drive off and then he turned around when he saw me. I was shocked. And days after that he was spending time with me. Yes this is strange to me. When we ended it was bad those years ago. Military….and I was sent to another location. Help?

    • Tiffany

      I meant. Back years ago. And it didn’t end bad. Lol

  • Sylvia

    In my dream my kids father who is in a comma for the past three years saw me at my recent ex boyfriend house and punched him in the face. While my kids father walked away with my kids I was looking for my ex boyfriend inside the house buy I couldn’t find him because the it was a lot of people inside the house and he was hiting.

  • sonny

    My name is sonny,
    Ok i dreamed last night that my from like 4years ago was just popping up as like being on date with my good friend..well in real life i dont even know the girl. My ex was trying to fight back for me until i kept bragging to him how my current boyfriend is better them him. Let me remind you my ex was really abusive. He beet me so bad that right after i called 911 we broke up and after that i never saw him again..

  • Trisha

    I dream about my ex every night. It’s almost a year since we broke up.

    • Bridget

      Same here….i dream about my ex all the time and we broke up last August. All kinds of different dreams about him. Most are him trying to get away from me or him with another girl…i hate those dreams!!

  • vera dsilva

    yea ive dreamt abt my x jus last ni8 n trust me i was married to him in that dream n we were in bed!!!! that was enough to wake me up with a jolt

  • Ana

    I always dream about my ex and they are always beautiful dreams but this last dream I had was not what I expected it actually did hurt me. In my dream i found out he was back in the city so I went to look for him at his mothers house cause I meet him by his sister my BestFriend, so they invited me to go with them to what it looked like a store in the store I followed him everywhere and would always walk away from me until he sat in a chair outside i told him I still loved him, but he looked at me with hate and said he didn’t love me anymore that he hated me that he always wanted to brake up with me but he never did.
    That is why I don’t understand my dream because in real life we really loved each other when we would fight and I’d leave he would always go running outside chasing me and caring me back home even if I was mad, screaming he wouldn’t let me go and he would always bring out he’s real feelings and tell me he fucking love me, that he wanted me to always stay with me until one day he had to go to San Francisco leaving me in LA but he would be back in about 3 months, but he never came back he’s in jail and I’m now in a relationship with my baby’s dad, but I still love my ex with all my f* heart I always thing of him and I always ask myself If I will ever see him again or if he will look for me when he is out from jail and if he still loves me or thinks of me. I just wish he would have never left my side!

  • Era

    I had a dream in which my ex left me a golden heart pendant. I took the pendant and after that he was gone, in the dream I wondered why he gave me the pendant, There was a woman next to me and she was an older woman and she appeared spiritual. She tells me in the dream, “well thats because he still cares, he still thinks of you”. I tell her “no, he doesn’t care about anyone, he’s just not a good person.” Then she replies: “Then why did he give you that necklace…go on wear it.” I woke up and I all I can say is it doesn’t make sense to me or add up. I can’t relate to the dream in anyway.

  • eve

    I do agree that sometimes a dream is just a dream that appeared because you subconsciously(or consciously) thought about that person in your waking life. Recently I dreamt about my ex out of the blue and in the dream we were really happy and close just like before. I am pretty sure I have moved on and already got over him in my waking life. There is this guy in my life right now whom I think has a great personality and is really sweet to me but I am just not physically attracted to him. If the dream interpretation is correct, does it mean that I feel that the physical attraction element is missing in this current guy I am evaluating? ( which can found in my ex)

  • priti

    i dream about my ex every 3rd or 5th day,in my dream i love him so much and he loves me too,its really that i feel for him in all the dreams, in reality he was not my first boy friend..anyway we broke up seven years ago,after him i dated another guy but i never dream of my first and last boy friends,only the second one,he was the one i loved the most.When i dream of him,is there any way he thinks or misses me? Thanks

  • Brenda

    I had a dream about my exboyfriend laying down in bed sleeping

  • Fretz

    I always dream of my Ex boyfriend, like, every month or sometimes, even more in one month… So at this point it makes me wonder… Dreaming of my ex i think is fine.. Buy like most of the time? I think its really not normal… And when i dreamt of him.. Its always happy moments… What does that mean?