Want To Delete Your Ex For Good? Now You Can!

killswitchmBreakups are the worst. Breakups in the age of Facebook, where you can find hundreds of pictures, statuses and wall posts that make you relive your relationship on a regular basis? Yeah, that makes breakups even worse than they were before.

There’s one obvious solution to not having to deal with your lame ex boyfriend on Facebook: delete him. But… then what about all of those old mushy statuses about how in love you were? What about those wall posts full of inside jokes that will break your heart no matter how things ended? And what about the pictures? Ugh, those pictures… kissing selfies of the two of you, cute vacation pictures, ones your friends commenting on to say how adorable you are. What are you supposed to do with all of those?

If you’re starting to get upset just thinking about it, don’t: we’ve got a solution. Or actually, we’ve found a solution. It’s the brand new app called KillSwitch, which allows you to digitally delete your ex from every part of your Facebook in one shot. Spend a few minutes on KillSwitch and, BAM, your ex is off your Newsfeed and off your profile forever.

Intrigued? You should be. KillSwitch accesses your account, lets you find your ex (or exes) and then shows all of the stuff between you guys. You pick what you want gone and “make the kill.” As the app’s website says, “no more staring at your ex’s stupid face every time you login.”

There are two things that make this app even better than you probably already think it is: one, part of the proceeds are donated to The American Heart Association of New York so that, as the app adorably states, “broken hearts can help broken hearts.” Two, if you’re super stressed about the idea of legitimately deleting any trace of your ex off of your Facebook, there’s a solution. All of the pictures you “kill” get saved in a hidden album on Facebook in case you ever want to look at them again.

Honestly? This is a great idea. As the app says, “Outta sight, outta mind is the first step to making breakups suck just a little bit less.” And girls, this couldn’t be more true. Breaking up with someone only to get constant reminders of what they’re doing without you is never going to help you move on. Deleting him out of your Facebook life? That will definitely help. While it may be a big step, it’s also a necessary one.

Would you download this app? Would you be able to delete your ex off your Facebook? Have you ever done that? Tell us in the comments!


The most fun and pointless app ever

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  • Zara

    Best idea app ever!! The website is so cool too XD