Your Complete Guide To Condoms

We really can’t tell you enough how important condoms are. Seriously, you should always use condoms when you’re having sex. ALWAYS.

Why? Well so you don’t get pregnant or get STDs. And because it’s responsible. And because there’s no good excuse not to use them.

You might think it’s just up to guys to buy condoms, but it’s not. You can totally buy condoms, and you totally should! Why rely on someone else to keep you safe?

I know, I know. There are tons of options and it can be really confusing. Fortunately, you have us!

Let me be your condom spirit guide. Click through for your complete guide on condoms!

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  • no one

    or you could just not be a slut or a man whore and wait until your married i just dont really trust condoms because they can break and some times people can be immune to certain medicines or can become immune to them

    • Lauren

      My boyfriend and I had the same problem for awhile. He’s very big and eventually we started using XL condoms. Haven’t had a single issue since.

    • sabs

      That’s pretty rude if you ask me. Its someone’s choice to have sex. It doesn’t make them a slut for having sex either. Don’t say anything if you don’t have your facts straight. Honestly.

    • NicksGurl

      Why are you even here? Did you seriously just come here to be a hater? That is so low, and it is beyond low to judge people based on a personal choice. *Looks* Hey, very fitting username choice.

  • Lina

    I am on birth control, thankfully. However, every time my boyfriend and I have sex, the condom breaks! We have no idea what is happening or how and we need answers. I suggested that maybe because he’s well-endowed they keep breaking? Or that perhaps I’m not lubricated enough? Condoms are expensive and we’re trying out different ones, but they just keep snapping during sex. Should I buy lubricant as well as larger sized condoms? Help!

  • cosmicdancer64

    My boyfriend has bought some condoms recently…but are they really effective at preventing pregnancy? I’m just curious because I followed the “tips for losing you virginity”, and from there I can tell that my boyfriend and I are both ready 🙂

  • Jim

    Have to disagree about condom sizes not mattering. While the length may not matter much , thickness definitely can. Not only can standard condoms be very uncomfortable for larger guys but more importantly they can break much easier, causing unsafe situations. There definitely is a marketing aspect to larger condoms though and very few need them. If you don’t need them they can be unsafe as they could fall off.

  • Flavia

    My boyfriend and I alternate on who buys the condoms. I have no problem picking them up and I like it when I get to buy them because I get to choose what different style or type it is to experiment with. But last time, because we were running low and I work across from a target, I bought it twice in a row but he just bought two boxes this week so everything is leveled out.

  • Mel

    The best way to prevent STD’s is to not have sex with people you don’t fucking know or trust.

    I’d think that’d be common sense.

    • Kim

      Very true, but it’s also quite possible that someone you know and trust could have an STD without knowing it or without mentioning it to you. Best to be on the safe side 🙂

      • bakerychaz

        Well said, Kim.

      • Samantha

        and that is why its important to also get tested

  • Tayylove96

    Its super awkward to buy them, I just leave them to my bf as he knows what feels comfortable for him. I dont really care about textures so its really up to him what he buys to spice it up. I’ll give him money every other turn, so he’s not taking all the financial burden of something we’re both participating in!

  • Ñarla

    What about retardant condoms?