One Celeb Reminded Me That I Should Totally Embrace My Thick Eyebrows


It may shock you but I used to hate my eyebrows. Now I love them, and you can even see one above!

Eyebrows are kind of random if you think about them for too long. Like, they just are there in the middle of your face… Well, they don’t occupy my thoughts so much anymore, but a few years ago, they did big time.

In middle school, I felt like everyone had really thin eyebrows and mine were the total opposite. I considered my thick eyebrows some kind of giant flaw. But what were my options?

My freshman year of high school, I started wearing contacts almost full time, and without my glasses partially obscuring my thick eyebrows, I felt like they were totally on display. I got my “lucky eyebrow break” just before winter formal my freshman year. My mom decided to treat me to some spa fun and asked me if I wanted anything in particular. I finally admitted that I wanted my eyebrows waxed.

When the waxer asked what I wanted done to my brows, I didn’t know what to say. So, I just said “thinner” because that seemed to sum up what I wanted. The actual experience didn’t hurt that much for me, and I dashed off to hit the dance with my friends, finally feeling like I fit in with everyone else.

It wasn’t until a few days later when I got the pictures back from the dance that it really hit me that something looked off about my face. My eyebrows were so thin and arched in a way that didn’t look right. I had been so glad that my eyebrows were thin at the dance, but looking back, I saw what previously seemed impossible: my eyebrows were TOO thin.

I was so freaked out by how they looked for that dance, that I vowed that I wouldn’t ever touch them again and let them grow back out. I let all that self-consciousness about my thick eyebrows sweep over me. I thought it was my beauty burden I was forced to bear in life (I know, a little dramatic, but go with me here).

A couple months later, I had to read a biography as part of my summer reading before tenth grade. I of course wanted to read about a cool woman, so I picked up a biography of Audrey Hepburn. The book was fascinating, and I became obsessed with Audrey. Maybe it had to do with staring at her face on the cover of my book all summer, but I realized that not only did I love her thick eyebrows, but they actually kind of looked like mine.

The fact that I could say “I look like Audrey Hepburn” became a confidence boost. I realized that thick brows suited her face, and they actually worked great on mine too.

For some girls, thin eyebrows look amazing. I’m just not one of those girls, and while for a long time, I thought I was the only one, I wasn’t. Once I stopped fixating on picking out every single girl I knew with thinner ones, I realized lots of ladies rock thick eyebrows. Audrey was just one such woman. Today, I love when actresses like Lily Collins embrace thick eyebrows and look totally gorgeous.

I am still pretty obsessed with Audrey Hepburn today. I have an Audrey calendar on my wall, a book of “life lessons” inspired by her, and just last week I got a new biography about her. Now, it has become more than just about eyebrows. Thinking about Audrey reminds me to embrace things about myself and make them work so that I’m confident and still totally me.

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your eyebrows? Do you wax or pluck them? In your opinion, which celebrity has the best eyebrows? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Beth Moore

    you can use brow effect on eyebrows and it’s also make your eyebrows growing and thicker.

  • Jasmine

    I have thick eyebrows, and I love them 🙂 They’re youthful!

  • Michelle

    Did you just pull this monologue out of my head?! I totally went through the same experience! My eyebrows have always been super thick, but they were never that big of a deal to me. That was until I started plucking and threading them, then I became obsessed with them! I hated the way they looked and was constantly getting them picked at. It wasn’t until one night when I went to the movies with my friends when I realized how much I loved them. She took pictures all night, and one of my friends commented on a picture of me, saying “Michelle, what happened to your eyebrows? They were goregous! You should grow them out again! :(” After I read that comment I scrutinized the picture for a while and realized that thin eyebrows just aren’t for me! My thick eyebrows really work for me and make me who I am! It was a total bitch to have to wait for them to grow out again but I couldn’t wait. Now I hardly pluck them and just trim off the baby hairs at the tops, I need nothing else! I admire both Audrey and Lily because they help me remember that thick eyebrows are just as beautiful as thin ones! In fact I love thick eyebrows more than thin eyebrows, they give the person a lot more character, lol. Thank you for this article! Gives me yet another reason to be happy about who I am. 🙂

  • Laurence

    When I was in 6th grade, for some inexplicable reason I started plucking my eyebrows. It hurt at first, but after a while, the nerves became somewhat dull, and before I knew it, my eyebrows were all gone. Completely disappeared. No one could figure out why I did it; I don’t even know myself. Mom took me to see a psychologist, who theorized that it could be some sort of unknown stress release, but it didn’t help much.
    Thankfully, sometime in the middle of 8th grade, I rid myself of the unhealthy habit.
    To this day, I still don’t know why I did it, but thankfully my eyebrows are absolutely back to normal now (currently in 11th grade).

  • MabelPines

    I’m not too fussed on eyebrows but the celebrity with the best eyebrows HAS to be Darren Criss! Those things are little symmetrical hills of awesomeness!

  • hmmmm

    I felt like i was reading about my self. I was always self conscious about my eyebrows and decided to shape it up but i realized my thick eyebrows fit me and i was only doing it because everybody else was pressuring me but i’m tired of letting people control me. I am confident in my self after all these years of loads of insecurities.

  • Perfection-NOT

    This is so weird! I was just thinking about how I should try plucking my eyebrows for the first time before I read this! Im 17 and never plucked my eyebrows before. Reading this makes me feel so much better. Thank you!