The 3 Hottest Trends For Prom Dresses

Prom is coming up. Obvs, you knew that. And you also probably know that means that Prom dress stress is also coming up. Picking out the perfect dress for the big night is a big effing deal. It has to be trendy, comfortable and above all, YOU! Well, our buds Dana and Joslyn from Clevver are helping you out big time with the trendy part of that equation. They’ve highlighted the three biggest trends for this Prom season. And they’re all really, really cute. All you’ve got to do is press play to see what they are.

Adorable ideas, right? Which trend is your favorite? Do you know what dress you’ll be rocking for Prom already? Tell us in the comments.

The post written in partnership with Macy’s MStyleLab.

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  • Shania.R

    Its all about the bling bling and back strings
    i don’t like loud colors all that much nor prints but i loved sparkle, glitter, and gemstones ever since i eas young. so i am definitely sporting glits & glam 🙂