Could The “Vital Signs” App REALLY Let You Know If Someone Likes You?


I’m not really sold on if this app would REALLY know if he likes me. Source: Shutterstock

We’ve shared about a few dating-related apps on the site recently – such as this one and this one. Well, I stumbled upon yet another one today in The Daily Mail, which has left me feeling creeped out and kind of sick of dating apps in general.

The app is called Vital Signs, and what it does is pick up someone’s physical responses to you. Basically, the idea is to see if you really do get their heart beating faster, and that will indicate if they are interested in you. It seems though to only be available through the UK App store.

How does it work? Apparently when your heart is beating faster, it actually alters the color of your face slightly, and when captured via video, the app can analyze it to determine heart rate. For breathing rate, it just zeroes in on the movements of the person’s chest. The faster the breathing, the more your date is into you.

Seriously, the idea of a stranger taking video of me with their smartphone sounds like a nightmare I would have. If I caught someone doing that, I’d definitely start physically stressing (and that heightened heart rate would not mean I am interested). And what if a date pulled this out to “just check” how interested I was? First of all, that’s super rude. Second, it is kind of offensive that I couldn’t just be interacted with like a person.

Don’t get me wrong – I am totally on board with seeking out dating advice or trying to read someone’s body language for clues. But honestly, I think we need to cool it with the apps. We’re relying too much on these sorts of techie things. One wrong reading from one of these apps and you could miss out on meeting someone awesome.

In dating, there’s never a 100% guarantee that things will work out perfectly – no matter what gadgets or apps you may consult – so I think just remembering that and being open to experiences, without having to always turn to technology, is not a bad idea.

What do you think about this Vital Signs app? What about dating apps in general? How do you determine if someone likes you? Tell me in the comments!

However, I will be downloading this Tamagotchi app.

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