Third Grade Dreams Do Come True: I Can Finally Get A Tamagotchi!


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I consider myself pretty lucky to be a ’90s kid. I mean, from the fashion to the music to the television shows, it was a pretty sweet time to be a carefree kid. Perhaps the best part though, was the toys.

Well, cue my excitement when I saw an Associated Press article today all about one favorite ’90s toy that’s back in 2013 style. A new (free!) app called “Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.” is available (now for Android, soon for Apple products), bringing the old school digital pet into the modern age. I remember that little egg shaped toy fondly, with the ability to feed and care for the little on-screen creature with TLC.

With the new app, you’ll be able to take care of it ’90s style by pressing the buttons, or there’s a second option that’s more touchscreen based. And guys, this is official Tamagotchi – not some off-brand nonsense. The app is just the beginning! Apparently they’re looking to expand the brand into things like clothes and accessories.

Since it came on the scene, 78 million Tamagotchis have been sold. Know who was NOT one of those millions of children? This girl. My mom was always all, “Meghan, you don’t need a Tamagotchi because you have a REAL pet.” Which to be fair, yes, we had just gotten a puppy. That didn’t stop me from wanting a Tamagotchi super badly. Besides, I couldn’t take my puppy on the school bus and show her off!

My chance to be a Tamagotchi owner, if only temporarily, came one day when my neighbor was going on vacation. She bestowed upon me the task of caring for her Tamagotchi while she was away. Eight-year-old Meg was thrilled – however, thinking back on it, a Tamagotchi is like, the size of a small rock, so couldn’t she just have taken it with her? Whatever, I was still careful to make sure the Tamagotchi didn’t die while she was away.

The real question though is if I have developed enough responsibility in the last 15 years to take care of this electronic pet. Sometimes I can barely remember to clean my room or cook my dinner or DVR my TV, so can I handle looking after another (albeit digital) being, as well?!

We shall see. Until then, please brainstorm a perfect Tamagotchi pet name for when I am bragging about how awesome my Tamagotchi is on the subway.

Do you remember Tamagotchis? Did you ever have one? Do you think you would download this new app? What other ’90s toys do you wish would be brought back? What should I name my future Tamagotchi? Tell me in the comments!

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  • kirei.

    Omg I had one in middle school. (: Someone stole it and my mom refused to buy me another. So sad I was. Lol.

  • Katie

    OMG! My childhood was this. I have 4 of them..and occasinally buy watch batteries still to put in them just to mess Going to go get my tablet now.

  • CP

    This might be more interesting if Tamagotchi’s had gone away after the 90’s, but they didn’t so I can’t be very excited about this :/ I mean, I got one in 2009, so. An app really isn’t that big a deal, imho

  • bakerychaz

    How about “Gotcha”?

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