Plan B Is Not Plan A. No, Really It’s Not At All

A new report from the Center of Disease Control about emergency contraception has some shocking statistics.

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers:

– From 2006-2011, 5.8 million women between 15 and 44 have used emergency contraception
59% of those women had used it once while 24% used it twice
– Women between 20 and 24 were the most likely to use it
49% reported using emergency contraception because they had unprotected sex

That last one floored me. I mean, really?! There’s a reason it’s called emergency contraception. It’s for emergencies!

Being able to take Plan B is not an excuse to have unprotected sex, nor should it be used as birth control. In fact, Plan B even tells you not to use it as a regular birth control because it’s not as effective that way.

I personally think Plan B is great, and it’s wonderful that women have the option in emergencies. Come on ladies! Not only is that 49% not using Plan B in the recommended way, they’re putting themselves at a higher risk for STDs because guess what? Plan B doesn’t protect against those.

If you’re having sex, be smart. Use condoms when you have sex. And then use Plan B if that condom fails you somehow.

There’s absolutely no excuse to use Plan B as your Plan A.

Have you taken Plan B? Did you take it because it was an emergency? Or did you have unprotected sex? Tell me in the comments!

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