GIF My Life: Asking A Guy To The Dance

School dances can be loads of fun, but they also can put a lot of pressure on people to find dates for the big event. Between the stress of classes and keeping your locker from looking like a total disaster zone, there’s enough to occupy your mind during the school day without having to think about landing a date.

Well, GIF Girl’s school is throwing a Sadie Hawkins dance (yeah, she has some opinions on that) and after her Valentine’s Day didn’t go super awesome, this could be her chance to get back on track with her crush. Will she be able to work up the nerve to ask him before the dance rolls around? Only one way to find out!

The announcement comes over the loudspeaker that we’re having a Sadie Hawkins Dance next week.

I don’t even want to go, and I’m a little insulted because it should be cool for girls to ask a guy to ANY dance.

I tune out the announcements, but I overhear this girl, Tina, saying that she is thinking of asking my crush.

Okay, I’m all about this dance now. I must ask my crush before she does.

I have math next period with my crush, but we have a pop quiz. So on top of that, I don’t even get a chance to talk to my crush.

I finish the quiz early and start plotting the perfect “ask” in my head.

I head to lunch and sit at my usual table. I’m trying to build up my confidence before going over to my crush, but before I know it, there he is. Sitting across from me!

It’s fate! Things are looking pretty good for ol’ GIF Girl.

Before I can ask him to the dance, he immediately starts going into a long question about that math quiz from earlier. I start snacking just to keep busy.

Oh my gosh, how complicated could this question be?!? We need to talk about Sadie Hawkins ASAP!

He finally finishes his question. Yeah, maybe I should answer it right away (no lie, I’m a math whiz), but I decide to take a quick detour to bring up the dance first.

Unfortunately, my mouth is still nervously full of food.

I’m about to give the hand signal to hold on a second, when Tina stops by my table.


I’m so caught off guard that I barely keep all that food from flying out of my mouth.

He turns to her says “okay.” I try to do my best “whatever” nod. I’m guessing I look totally cool with what just happened.

When he walks away, it’s time for a face palm. That could have gone better.

But then I remember that I can ask out a guy ANY day of the year, not just Sadie Hawkins. This is just another bump in the road, but I’ll rebound back again soon – and of course fill you in on how it goes!
Have you ever asked a guy to a school dance? How did it go? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Lexi Wah

    I asked my “date” over a Christmas gram. I was too scared to ask in person. He said yes, but now I am too scared to even talk to the guy.. I need help!

  • Logan

    I asked mine out with a soccer Ball;) He thought it was really creative;)
    Find out what sport his in or loves, if football use a football,
    (You get the point) but just ask “will you go to Sadie Hawkins with me”-y/n-
    And give it to him or if you scared to do that give it to a friend to give it to