Things I Should Give Up For Lent, But Won’t

While I am not a strict Catholic by any means, I have stuck to one habit from my younger Catholic school days: giving something up for Lent. Every year, I pick something to give up for 40 days, something I never thought I could live without. I don’t know if it’s because I feel too guilty not to or if I just like the idea of Lent in general.

This year, I’ve decided to give up all drinks except for water, herbal tea and coffee (because, duh) – that means so sugary soda or juices or hot chocolates. It’s really a pretty lame thing to choose. I’m pretty sure I’ve given up soda at least three times.

What I really should be giving up, though, is a different story. There are many things I should try going 40 days without… but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to take that step. Here are 10 things I really should be giving up for Lent… but I won’t.

So, what are you giving up for Lent this year? Why are you giving that up? What do you wish you could give up for 40 days but know you couldn’t go through with it? Tell me in the comments!


What exactly is Lent?

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  • Jane Doe

    I’m vegan this year for Lent 😛 haha I’m only the tiniest bit Catholic (if that!) but it’s fun anyways 🙂

  • ??

    but cracking your fingers isn’t bad for you! it’s a myth!

  • Raven

    I’ve never really understood all those religions that put such a fine point on self-sacrifice. Why torture yourself like that? I always felt kinda bad for my friends who couldn’t eat chocolate or whatever during Lent. And a little smug, but never mind that.

    • maya

      It teaches you humility and gratitude in life. You appreciate things like chips and chocolate a little bit more after you had to go without them for so long.

  • Marie

    I so wish I had your life…spending eight hours every Saturday watching tv sounds amazing. I guess being in high school, having a job, and being a musician has its downsides.

    • Taylor

      Lol, same here, except for me its high school, horseback riding, 4-h and just about every different sport you can name. It definitely keeps me busy.