What Girls Want For Valentine’s Day Isn’t What Guys Think!

What Girls Want, Valentine's Day

Guys are a little clueless about what girls want for Valentine’s Day–but it’s still cute! | Source: ShutterStock

When you ask a dude what girls want for Valentine’s Day, their responses are probably going to be different from yours.

A new study said that one in 10 guys think the way to your heart is through jewelry, but it turns out what girls want most for Valentine’s Day is–awww–a handwritten poem or a hug.

A poem or a hugSee how low maintenance we are? Seriously, we are so cute. (Here’s hoping the guys don’t plagiarize their material!) Those are free, so next time a guy complains that Valentine’s Day is super commercial, remind him of that fact. Romance can be free!

About nine percent of dudes also think girls want lingerie for Valentine’s Day, though only about 1 percent of us actually do. (Doesn’t lingerie seem like a sort of selfish Valentine’s Day gift anyway? It’s pretty much as much for him as it is for you!)

Other things guys think girls want for Valentine’s Day: a homemade dinner (adorbs) and uh, for them to take a break from watching sports (dude, seriously?).

But we’re not all that easy to please. About a quarter of us wanted our guy to take us on vacation somewhere fancy or exotic. Good luck doing that with after school job money, ladies!

So, here’s what you can do: if all you want for V-Day is a hug or a poem, show this to your guy… you know, just as a hint. No big deal. Also, we want to know: is this even true? Are you really looking to just score hugs and sappy poems this year? Or do you want something a little bit more extravagant?

What do you want for Valentine’s Day? Do you think guys are clueless about what girls want for Valentine’s Day? Do you have Valentine’s Day plans? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Sam

    I know my bf and I are both in college and currently broke. I would be happy with my fav candy bar (3 Muskateers) and renting a chick flick from Redbox.

  • Tayy

    I don’t care what it is really. As long as it comes from a place of genuine love. My boyfriend doesn’t believe in Valentines day but I do. Its not about the gifts and we established that but its still nice to get a little something something on that day only b/c you know most people are !