Someone Please Just Stop Taylor Swift From Making This Video

Okay, okay. I know you’re all going to get mad at me for getting on Taylor Swift’s case again, but I am so annoyed by her latest stunt. At the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Taylor opened the show and publicly mocked Harry Styles.

You can’t tell me that her using a British accent during the talking part of her song isn’t her imitating Harry. You just can’t. Because that’s exactly what she did and everybody knows it.

And now, she’s mocking him in her upcoming music video for her new single, “22.”

In stills from her video, she’s see recreating some moments from Harry and her relationship. She’s even sporting the same outfit he donned.

“But it’s just a coincidence!”

No it isn’t. Taylor Swift doesn’t do anything by coincidence. She purposely writes songs about specific ex-boyfriends, purposely mocked Harry at the Grammys and is purposely imitating him in her video.

I was pretty appalled when she did that little trick at the Grammys. Not because she’s Taylor Swift but because that was such an immature thing to do. I would have been appalled if anyone did that. She’s 23 years old, and I think it’s time she starts acting like it.

You can hate your exes all you want, but it doesn’t mean you should publicly make fun of them. Taylor has a huge fan-base, and I would hate to see teens doing things to mock their exes because she does it.

I think it’s fine that she writes songs about her exes, but she doesn’t need to give hints revealing who each song is about. She doesn’t need to cast lookalikes in her videos. She doesn’t need to made music videos mocking a relationship that she’s allegedly really upset about ending.

Do you think this upcoming video is about Harry? Do you think Taylor’s being immature? Tell me in the comments!

Taylor Swift does have cute clothes, though

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  • Ellie

    Sorry, but I think that you just don’t like Taylor Swift. But you know, haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

  • Destiny

    totally agree with you both

  • Hannah

    So I agree that at the Grammys she was acting immature. But, 22 is definitely not about Harry. It’s a song about having fun with your friends, and forgetting about your troubles. The song was written before they even started dating! NEWSFLASH: Harry Styles is not the only one who can dress like that. In fact, she even dresses like that sometimes! So, yeah, I think you’re a little biased here, because apparently everyone on Gurl hates Taylor Swift( which I really don’t understand, because she really doesn’t do anything that bad).

    • Destiny

      i completely agree with you im getting tired of it

  • Popcorn

    I think its totally ok to sing about exes in songs, but we really don’t need to know who you’re singing about, even though most of the time we can guess. But I don’t think that public humiliation is the answer, especially since TSwift is trying to project a “wholesome” image. What she did (if it actually was a British accent) was low, and I think that dating 10 guys in 3 years is really the opposite she should be going for.

    • Mads

      “… and I think that dating 10 guys in 3 years is really the opposite of what she should be going for.” Um, I’m sorry, but isn’t that type of attitude exactly what we go against on Gurl? Dating 10 guys in 3 years is a totally normal rate, especially of the relationships aren’t necessarily serious or long lasting ones. Besides, who are you to be judgmental of her romantic life? Its not yours, for one matter, but for another, what SHOULD she be going for, exactly, when you say that it’s the opposite of what she currently is? Never dating or having any contact with another living being? Locking herself in closets to escape the pain that you knowingly and uncaringly cause? Yeah, next time PLEASE clarify what the opposite of what I as an independant woman “should be going for ” so we don’t have these issues anymore. -Maddy O.

  • Elizabeth

    It is about time someone called her out. I’m so tired of hearing about Taylor and her relationship issues. I honestly have lost all respect for her.

  • Alyssa

    Are you freaking kidding me? 22 is about Taylor and her best friends. The website manager actually let you publish this article? I guess you missed everyone posting about 20 pictures of Taylor dressing like that from 2009-2010 before One Direction existed. Every article bashes Taylor. I’m done with this stupid website.

    • Destiny

      i agree with you also

  • Mary

    I am Swifty and I totally agree with you. I am also glad you weren’t insulting her without a reason, as this site usually tends to do. 🙂

  • Lola

    This is the news gurl has for us? Really?. Okay so Taylor swift makes fun of her ex’s so what? At least she’s taking the break up well and not letting it get to her. Besides who cares? I’m pretty sure all the guys Taylor has dated knows her reputation for writing songs about her relationships gone awry. I think gurl especially this woman who wrote this article about Taylor swift needs to get over it. My advice for you Caitlin is ignore it, next time Taylor does some “annoying” thing again, please ignore it. You are getting kinda annoying with the I don’t like Taylor swift but let me rant on her latest stunt or breakup.

    • Destiny

      im in aggreeance

  • Denise

    Okay so i like taylor swift as much as the next girl but she seriously is getting pretty predictable,
    -date a guy
    -break up with him
    -write a song about him
    & now humiliating him? Seriously she needs to grow up and get over this phase.

  • Tayylove96

    Oh my goodness gracious ! Is there any other celebrity you guys can talk about. It honestly slipped my ears and I watched the Grammy from start to end ON MAX VOLUME AND I HAVE FRIGGIN SURROUND SOUND! But Im just mad my ears missed it, I see others saying the same. I don’t disagree with anything in this post, but I love Tswizzle. So please for the love of cheetah print get off this girls case, she’s hurting and venting publicly because she is in the publics eye. SO CALM DOWN WITH THE TSWIZZLE HATE.

  • Precious

    I am in total agreement to this article. She really needs to stop this its getting really annoying.

  • Janice

    She’s immature and interested in making money out of her relationships. Whatever.

  • Lucy Carson

    Get over it. She made fun of him-that’s true. You know what? It was funny. It was clever. Gurl never picks on any other celebrity besides Taylor, you also use the fact she has a huge fanbase as a reason to pick on her. Get over it.

    • Alyssa

      I completely agree with you. It is ridiculous that she is allowed to publish at least five articles bullying Taylor in the past few months. This website isn’t about bashing celebrities. Even if it was, why only Taylor? This and the Lazy Girl articles, I’m done.